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August 1, 2016
great footage with the first pop/rock/punk transgender icon Jayne County
July 29, 2012
This documentary is not getting much attention yet, however you need to take a look. During the 70s the Glam rock period was just starting and was a precursor actually to the 80s, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, and Lady GaGa. This time was a birth to someone whose rock music was layered and classical in many ways. Jobriath became a sensation overnight through hype and crashed after a couple of record albums; he was the first out rock artist in decade when it wasn't cool to be like Boy George. Big guns such as Carly Simon's promoter Jerry Brandt and Elektra records worked hard to get the public to see this musical genius...yet they were not ready. This is Jobriath's journey to the stars and his fall to Earth. I can not recommend this movie enough. If it plays in your area see it. Kieran Turner's direction and structure keeps you interested and show the love that he has put in to make this a compelling story.
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