John and Mary Reviews

July 26, 2007
Director Yates knows how to shape even the sketchiest scenario, and if John and Mary is no deeper than an eggshell, it is every bit as functionally designed.
July 26, 2007
The entire charade is smoothly contrived.
June 24, 2006
Hoffman and Farrow awake to each other in a New York bed and interminably worry, via chat, fantasy, flashback and some trendy cultural reference, whether they should do it again.
May 9, 2005
There is nothing wrong with the idea of John and Mary, just with its execution.
October 23, 2004
John and Mary is supposed to be a contemporary movie, I guess, and yet it's curiously out of touch.
July 7, 2018
Although John Mortimer's script takes a slightly lazy path, mixing up trendy fantasy and trendy fact as though it's no longer worth the trouble of distinguishing them, his dialogue seems to come easily.
July 26, 2007
Wispy and flat.
March 8, 2007
Here's a delectable New Wave-inspired dish for thoughtful viewers tired of the same old menu.
May 8, 2004
If the main participants in this drab affair come across so uninspired, it will be hard to find an audience who will care.