John Dies at the End Reviews

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July 9, 2019
The best way to describe the whole ordeal is cheap.
February 9, 2019
The stakes don't seem all that high, despite claims of world-ending consequences. If what you want is schlocky fun, then John Dies at the End should deliver. If you want something more, then you may want to look elsewhere afterwards.
March 15, 2013
I stopped taking notes when the woman disintegrated into a ball of writhing snakes.
March 14, 2013
Despite its astronomical body count, John Dies at the End never takes itself too seriously, and neither should you.
March 8, 2013
Director Don Coscarelli isn't especially smooth or coherent, and he leans on weird for weird's sake.
March 7, 2013
It's like a series of blackout sketches, some of which are entertaining. But mostly, it's a mess.
February 22, 2013
A confusing plot to begin with, the adaptation of the novel is a certified mess, attempting to provide blow-by-blow illustrations of scenes from the source book, and lifting most of the narration and dialogue verbatim.
February 20, 2013
By the time the boys face battle with 'thinking machine' Korrock in another dimension, it's difficult to remain invested, although hallucinogens would probably aid immensely.
February 15, 2013
Not your typical psycho-action-comedy-horror hybrid. A fun idea that starts out great, but then . . .
February 7, 2013
Nobody cares about John.
February 7, 2013
A midnight movie that makes you wish you went to bed early ... falls into the no-man's-land of movies you may need to be high to enjoy, but can barely follow when sober.
February 7, 2013
"John Dies at the End" dies closer to the beginning, before writer-director Don Coscarelli's adaptation of the book of the same name has reached minute 20.
February 7, 2013
What Coscarelli's achieved doesn't feel like an adaptation. It feels more like he seems he skimmed the source material, burned it, and then assembled a vague recollection on film after three days of untold indulgences.
February 6, 2013
It's when the movie loses its hallucinogenic set-up in favor of a more traditional narrative on its way to a clear non-ending that viewers will lose interest. The movie dies long before the end.
February 1, 2013
"John Dies at the End" thinks it's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for dudes. But in its randomness, its vulgarity and its level of humor, it's more like the collected writings on the walls of a roadside men's room.
January 29, 2013
The "wackiness" (scare quotes included) is mostly ceaseless and tiresome, from the ravenous zombie neo-Nazi that leads things off to the Galaxy Quest rejects that figure in the movie's annoyingly anticlimactic finale.
January 25, 2013
It's the ultimate in spoiler titles. And this stoner Ghostbusters, an altered state disguised as a movie, may also add up to a hot cult item if silliness doesn't sabotage the scares
January 25, 2013
You keep waiting for this stuff to start paying off, but it's like plugging quarters into a broken slot machine.
January 24, 2013
A 25-year-old can get away with a sloppy horror-comedy mix of crazed visual effects and cartoonish characters. An aging auteur cannot.
January 24, 2013
When you're having great fun at a movie and suddenly you're not, where's the fun?
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