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September 9, 2017
Great movie. Family friendly, funny, lots of history.
½ May 13, 2017
Good history lesson. Saw it in Social Studies class.
½ March 13, 2016
I was never really impressed by the book so this movie was just an even greater source of boredom for me.
February 7, 2016
awesome movie, superb decors and costumes, greatest moment in human history !
½ July 22, 2015
I enjoyed watching this classic Disney movie, knowing the impact it had on Walt Disney World. Walt Disney was inspired to create Liberty Square because of this film (Liberty Square was originally intended to be in Disneyland). Also, the restaurant Liberty Tree Tavern was inspired from this film.

This movie was originally shot to be two episodes of Walt Disney's TV show, but Walt felt it was so good it could be combined to one film and released theatrically. I really enjoyed the first half of this movie, but the second half dragged a bit. Overall, it is still an enjoyable film, and it is a must for fans of the history of Walt Disney World (and possibly for history buffs as well).
½ July 12, 2015
This movie suck, it is so boring!
½ July 2, 2015
good kinda histroical western mix
August 24, 2014
An inspirational patriotic tale for every Son of Liberty. (First viewing - Summer 2009)
½ August 11, 2014
I had to read the book for school and I didn't care for it that much. An then my mom made me watch the movie and I was surprised that this was worse. It's not unbearable, but it didn't stay to faithful to the book and was a little bit forgettable. I will say I enjoyed the history that goes with the book.
½ February 16, 2014
Being the 55 year old lesbian teacher i am, I found this astonishingly easy to masturbate to
½ January 16, 2014
The book was better. Wow, the movie was simply WAY too off...
August 17, 2013
a good old movie better than the book
½ July 6, 2013
Semi-historical Disney film appeals to the young and young at heart by choosing to not focus on the political turmoil and violence of the Revolutionary War; this account embodied the hopes, the pursuits of happiness and fulfillment, and applauds the independent, strong, hard-working spirit of Johnny, who singularly symbolizes the type of individual that made young America successful. The sense of patriotism is strong, and is the perfect Fourth of July film to watch with the entire family. The acting is decent enough, (though Sebastian Cabot goes a bit overboard as the egotistical Jonathan Lyte,); the costumes, sets, and matte paintings used to bring 18th Century America to life are, typical of a 1950's Walt Disney Production, highly romanticized and highly-appealing. This movie makes you proud to be an American.
February 16, 2013
Adapted from the popular book, this is a Disney film that tells the story of young Johnny Tremain as he learns how to be a silversmith on the eve of the Revolutionary War. Disney makes it dramatic as always but it is not an especially good film
½ December 16, 2012
Boring. Cliched. Inaccurate.
September 28, 2011
i watch this movie it was ok
July 28, 2011
I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watching it right now!
½ February 2, 2010
I don't remember ever hearing about or knowing about this movie's existence until I was at my local library and just looking through the movies. This caught my eye for some reason and I noticed the tagline: He answered freedom's call! Immediately, a tuft of hair appeared on my chest and a steak appeared in my hands...which I then ate bare-handed since I AM A MAN! And then I found out it takes place during the second manliest American war, The Revolutionary War, and I had to rent it and get testosterone poisoning. So did I experience a second resurgence of manliness? Let's find out as we eat a steak to Johnny Tremain.

Johnny Tremain is a manly silversmith apprentice who does his work and keeps his nose out of the political situation brewing between England and the colonies. However, he burns his hand in a manly accident and loses his manly ability to make silver. So he walks the Earth...and by Earth I mean Boston trying to find some manly work but his burnt hand gets in the way. Then he does decide to stick his nose into the political situation and joins the manly Sons of Liberty to fuck up England's shit.

The biggest question you're asking is mostly likely "This movie can't be as manly as you say!" Well you're right but there a couple manly one-liners here and there. But this is a Disney TV-movie from the 50's so the battle scenes are short and the violence is bloodless with over-dramatic death poses. But there is a similarity between this and 300, the manliest movie ever made, and that is they fight for freedom. Granted, Johnny Tremain is as historically accurate as 300, since it was about tyranny and taxes rather than freedom and ideals, but it was a bit fascinating to see a manly situation resulting in a manly war.

But there are some really good things, since this is a Disney movie through and through, the production values are pretty good. The matte paintings for the backgrounds are nice and they blend into the live-action settings really well. The costumes are decent but they're the same thing you seen in every other movie set during that time for better or worse. The acting is tolerable with no one being exceptionally good or horrible with one exception, that guy who played Mr. Otis. He was awesome as he made me believe that the war was actually fought for freedom since taxes were too unimportant to be worth warring for.

So this is a movie tailor-made to be shown during elementary school students. It's not too horrible and it digests the reasons for war into digestible chunks even it is wrong. I wish it could have been as manly as the tagline but maybe in the 1950's, this was plenty manly.

PS: World War II is the manliest war.
October 5, 2009
lol. it wasnt lyk the book. rab is white? but it was funny
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