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November 9, 2008
great film, great songs,happy memories of my dad singing all his songs kenny andrews thought he was jolson..........he was better
August 30, 2008
When i was a kid I remember watching this on the "Million Dollar Movie" (With the Gone with the wind song playing). Such memories. There is a part of Asa Olson in all of us.
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July 24, 2008
I haven't watched this film since I was a little girl, it didn't quite seem how I remember it being, still kind of found it interesting to watch.

I'm not quite sure how this film lies controversially, of course it was made a long time ago and it is the true life story of Al Jolson, it also made it as a West End show.
June 5, 2008
This is a film that I can watch again and again love the story but especially the songs they are awesome.
½ May 26, 2008
Skimps on the truth but the Jolson songs are worth watching for.
½ May 17, 2008
This is a marvelous movie
May 15, 2008
As a Kid my dad introduced me to Jolson and he has had a home in my heart ever since. This is a great film very well done.
December 28, 2007
Excellent music start to finish. Great film bio with a sterling performance by Larry Parks as Jolson.
December 2, 2007
Larry Parks is great as Jolson. 10 out of 10.
October 22, 2007
When I was younger my grandparents used to sing Jolson songs and I think from there on, I have been a fan. This is a great film and so is its sequel, the film has that great look that all the older films have that we don't have now. The film is great to watch as it makes you smile, you enjoy the music and just fall in love with Jolson songs. Larry Parks does a super job as the "greatest entertainer ever"
September 19, 2007
This is the movie that made me an Al Jolson fan for life and a member of the International Al Jolson Society. A great bio pic and a great performance by Larry Parks.
½ July 31, 2007
I grew up with this film and thought that this was what actually happened within the life of Al Jolson, but after reading more about his life I find that this is not the case.
However, It is still an entertaining film with many of Jolson's classic songs which takes me back to my childhood and watching it with my grandparents
July 21, 2007
July 4, 2007
luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 26, 2007
this movie is inspiring and full of talent. it also has all of al jolsons original music. larry parks does a super job as the "greatest entertainer ever"
June 13, 2007
make me cried some scene. its sad about his life had lose his wife at the end of scene.
June 11, 2007
I LOVE this movie! Have done ever since I was a kid! No matter how I'm feeling, this movie never fails to cheer me up!
June 6, 2007
Fantastic musical with a magical atmosphere.
February 21, 2007
A fascinating story of a fascinating man in a fascinating time!
February 19, 2007
kool as man dis movie rulzzz
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