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October 17, 2015
Verne mi querido Verne y además todo digital una de esas peliculas que bien podrían no existir
½ September 24, 2015
I liked it, it was better than journey (1)
September 20, 2015
#VanessaHudgens makes this more watchable.
September 13, 2015
I saw this an it was funny adventures check it out you won't be disappointed I want to tell you more but it would wreck it for you
September 10, 2015
The Rock wasn't really laying the Smackdown! in this movie
August 15, 2015
There is still much room for a new world of creativity & adventure that needs exploring.
August 11, 2015
Was a great movie...... love to see it!!!!!!
July 25, 2015
I actually thought this was corny, so made believe but it has a good story line and props to whoever wrote the script!!! their dialogue is literally too funny. Oh and casting too props to the team
July 6, 2015
Movie was very nice for my girls.
June 21, 2015
nothing is nice in there!!!
June 21, 2015
Stale, annoying jokes, nothing to do with the first movie, and bad acting equals this film. It is action packed which is one of the reasons this got two stars, but other than that, The Rock is not himself.
June 18, 2015
wonderful, funny, exciting, aventure movie
½ June 10, 2015
It has its "Entertaining Family Moments" but most of the time, it's to stupid to take seriously or even joke fully. (C-)
½ June 5, 2015
OK special effects and 3D effects were really fantastic! But it was too stupid and everything easy! But it was fun! It was really like cartoon and very silly... But action sequences were pretty good. Oh why?! Michael Cane was in it! The Rock looked strange, but he was fine in this crazy family adventure comedy...
May 27, 2015
awesome movie I love the rock In family movies
May 26, 2015
it is awesome and the part he says he has a gift:
May 23, 2015
Very good action type movie for kiddos. ð???
May 10, 2015
A fine Sunday morning pass time with a 4 yr old.
½ May 4, 2015
An Exhilerating & Fun Romp But Not Exactly The Best Movie Ever.
April 20, 2015
this movie has action,adventure among other things that make epic
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