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½ October 5, 2018
cheezy special effects,and a goofy plot so there is a duplicate earth just on the other side of the sun???
½ August 8, 2015
About the most pointless film I've ever seen. After a slow start that seems to be competing with 2001 for showing all of space bureaucracy, though not nearly as effectively or to any purpose, the plot finally kicks in about halfway through the film. There's another planet directly opposite ours that always stays on the opposite side of the sun. A crew is sent to explore it and promptly crashes only to find out they're mysteriously back on Earth. Gosh, I wonder where they could actually be. Could it possibly be an identical but opposite Earth?

Admittedly this was made even more obvious since it was the plot of a Red Dwarf episode. It's a sad sad day when a TV comedy as silly as Red Dwarf can follow an idea through to its inevitable conclusion better than you can. Here the "differences" are idiotically simplistic and meaningless, like the fact that people are left-handed and write backwards. Hey, just like a mirror, get it? A mirror world? Isn't that clever! At least Red Dwarf added some interesting differences, like the fact that time was passing backwards. Worse yet we're expected to take this concept seriously here when five seconds' thought would show how dumb it is. And this mystery is the main conflict for the last forty minutes.

And then everybody dies.

No, I'm not even kidding about that. With no idea where to go once their boring revelation has been made they decide to simply kill off all the characters in an (admittedly pretty cool) explosion, except for one man who's shown years later in a retirement home recounting this story to a nurse. Note that this is the first time we have even a hint that this film is being told in flashback. Pathos? Mystery? Bah! And in a crowning moment of lameness that brings our film to its long overdue end, the old man sees his reflection in a mirror and charges at it in his wheelchair smashing into it and killing himself. Because it's a mirror world! Get it? Pretty clever, huh?

I've never seen a film try so hard to be intelligent and thought-provoking without even having one single creative idea. This film is a waste of celluloid. Not even bad enough to be charmingly awful, except in the final minutes. Avoid.
½ April 10, 2015
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun isn't so much a "fun" movie as it is a "thinking man's" movie, but even in that regard it's dwarfed by other movies of its kind, both from its era and elsewhere along the timeline of cinema Science Fiction. It's a quality distraction, spinning a good, healthy yarn but one that's built more on interesting superficialities rather than complex emotion or intimate details of the human condition. Production design is strong for a movie of this size and scope, but the performances are flat, thanks largely to mechanical characters meant to convey information rather than realistically populate the film's world.
October 9, 2014
Good film good story. Models not bad
December 4, 2013
I Loved it! I think it has a Great story and effects! I LOVED IT!
November 28, 2013
Boy this movie didn't age well. I loved it as a kid, but the totally placid pace of the plot makes for a really silly movie that adult me could figure out in a heartbeat.
October 22, 2013
Gerry Anderson's wildly derivative answer to Kubrick's 2001. The actors and props get recycled for 1970's short-lived UFO series. For hardcore fans of Gerry Anderson and Space:1999 ONLY!
Super Reviewer
November 29, 2012
A decent premise, but it seems far too long for what it is, with not much actually happening. There's too many twists and reveals that end up confusing an audience, rather than making them beg for more.
½ June 20, 2012
Released as Doppelgänger in Europe, this was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's first foray into live-action cinema, even though the Thunderbirds films had been flops. Universal saw potential for this mind-bending science fiction project, and got Robert Parrish, (Casino Royale (1967) and The Bobo (1967)), to direct it, despite best intentions, it comes out a bit half-baked, despite good special effects. In 2069, it's discovered on an unmanned mission to the Sun that there's a planet on the other side of the sun on Earth's same orbital path. EUROSEC director Jason Webb (Patrick Wymark) has to plan a manned mission to this other planet before the East get their first, and with funding from NASA, gets American astronaut Colonel Glenn Ross (Roy Thinnes) and British astrophysicist Dr John Kane (Ian Hendry) to man the mission to the other planet. But, things start going awry when they get there, everything is reversed, even the print in books. But, on this earth, there's Jason Webb (Patrick Wymark), who claims they aborted the mission three weeks into their flight, which Ross denies. It's a product of it's time, although it has some brilliant special effects by Anderson regular Derek Meddings, but we've seen it all before on Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlett. It does seem like this was padded out a bit to make it movie length. It's quite trippy in places, but you can tell 2001: A Space Odyssey was a big influence.
May 19, 2012
The low budget effects and sets will no doubt remind British viewers of Gerry Anderson live action shows with their minimally dressed passel walls and sparkler rockets. The plot is glacial and quickly out stays it's welcome. The last few scenes raise many interesting questions that the movie could have explored if it had condensed its material into the first 2 acts.
March 1, 2012
Gerry and Sylvia Anderson of "Thunderbirds" fame wrote this sci-fi flick, which in turn would have been an excellent "Twilight Zone" episode, rather than the lengthened out movie it became... The intriguing premise is about a new planet being discovered orbiting around the sun, that happens to be a mirror image of earth, There is a lot of kitch value of the late 60's here, but also controversial at the time topics like birth control as well. But considering it came off the heels of "2001", it looked extremely cheap in comparison.
June 17, 2011
Not bad, shame only the last half hour or so was set on the duplicate Earth
June 5, 2011
There's a great cast leading this preposterous science-fiction story backed up by excellent great special effects work by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Ian Hendry and Patrick Wymark stand out.
½ August 10, 2010
A film that is simply Lost In Space story wise. Best part: the models. Worst: about everything else. Besides the obvious problems in logic about a duplicate Earth and events ( there doesn't seem to be any other planets duplicated) The writers can't make up thier minds what is the story about: cold war thriller,space adventure, twilight zone episode? Actually the latter might be true as it would explain the very slow pacing of the film if it was an idea for a 30 minute TV show padded out to 90 plus minutes. Speaking of which some of the music sounds like it was reused for Space:1999. If you like the Anderson's SPFX, check it out otherwise avoid.
January 2, 2010
Not what i was expecting but not bad once it gets going.
December 15, 2009
It was a good movie. It borrowed a bit too much from Planet of the Apes & 2001. But if you have to borrow, borrow from the best.
October 18, 2009
Perhaps the penultimate exploration of mankind's journey through the cosmos being one of self-discovery, this film is appropriately corny and features all the trappings of boring 60's science fiction. The shame of it is, it would have been a truly great Twilight Zone episode, and you can feel that in every frame.
September 20, 2009
I first saw this film when I was a child of about 14. I remeber enjoying it greatly. The story had the potential to be something really great, but unfortunately the let Gery Anderson of Thunderbirds fame create long and meandering special effects sequences which break the story up too much - its like "yes I get the fact the ship is docking, it has been for the last three minutes". Maybe this is a reflection on the very fast editing of todays films, maybe its me being too harsh. I still think the idea for the story is great though.
September 8, 2009
A treat for Thunderbirds fans, briefly! With some fantastic model work, but less than would fill an old episode! Sadly the rest looks incredibly dated, especially when you consider Kubrik's 2001 came out a year prior to this, and the whole premise of the mirror planet falls with a big 'is that it?!?' thud.. and the build up is so slow, it leaves little time to even explore it.... the final failed docking is never really explained....sadly:FAIL
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