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February 4, 2013
I watched this movie and it was an on the edge of your seat movie. It is a must see movie for all adults and young teens who are interested in the gangster, drug dealing, wanna be hard life style. This will make you think twice about the lifestyle you want to lead and live. This is supposed to be based on a true story, but I couldn't find out anything about the incident in the Detroit press in 2004. Be careful whom you trust and call your friend. After watching this movie you will be skeptical of everyone especially you own family.
½ September 20, 2012
Not a bad movie, just not that entertaining. You'll recognize a few actors from the film Paid In Full starring in this film. The movie is about an attorney who doesn't want to practice law anymore until his sister insist that she needs help to prove her boyfriend Big Boy aka Trick Trick is innocent. And that's when the cover up begins. The action is slow. The story is mediocre. It's based out of Detroit. Mentioning Joy Road & 7 Mile.
½ September 7, 2012
I embrace black actors..True hustlers!!
August 28, 2012
Wow!! A rare look at "hard knocks urban area grit" seldom seen in films!!
August 11, 2012
A movie u want to watch again and again!!!!
April 6, 2012
November 13, 2011
Movie is dope a must see
November 2, 2011
It was a good Plot(true story) some over acting and one thing that really bothered me. The movie was set in Detroit but EVERYBODY had New York accents. As a viewer I was insulted. Its almost like they thought we were to stupid to pick up on that OR didn't care if we did. Over all I would say it's an ok movie.
½ October 27, 2011
JOY ROAD is a MUST SEE!!! This is a wonderful urban street drama with great acting, plot, and theme. I truly enjoyed the realism and social message. Check your local listings for a theater near you. You've gotta see this movie!!
October 23, 2011
This was an excellent movie. It was great to see N'Bushe Wright on the big screen again. Wood Harris always gives an excellent performance. Overall this is a must see movie. Too bad its showing in limited theaters.
October 23, 2011
The worst movie I've ever seen in my life!!!
October 21, 2011
a kool bet like movie
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