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January 5, 2014
Probably one of the most Anti-Semitic films ever made. A propaganda film from Nazi Germany, the film had modest success in Germany and undoubtedly aided in perpetrating the Holocaust. Scary propaganda.
December 31, 2012
It was Ferdinand Marian who played Suss Oppenheimer in the movie and not Werner Krauss. The cast was able to portray and give justice to their characters---making Suss a person whom you love to hate. However, what mars the beauty of this film is that it was being used as an anti-semitic campaign :( On the other hand, I have yet to see the original version.
½ July 27, 2012
Like Birth of a Nation, this film is well put together and has a well defined villain but the message it portrays, especially during the time of Nazi Germany, tarnishes the film.
½ July 27, 2012
At it's core, "Jud Suess" is actually quite a classic story of a man in power who becomes manipulated by one standing behind the throne. However, even though the spine of the film is classical in nature, I can not in good conscience recommend this film in any way when its flesh, muscles, and blood are built around anti-semitism.
July 27, 2012
the only reason i give this film four stars is that i think it's an important work historically. people need to realize that this sort of thing existed. in all regards the film is well made...however, the subject matter and blatent anti-semitism should be realized. to quote another film, "you can't just tap someone on the shoulder anymore, you have to hit them with a sledgehammer." this one hit me like a sledgehammer.
½ July 27, 2012
A rating would not fit this film. Were I to analyze it solely on the plot and the cinematographic techniques, I would say it was a very well made film, highly intriguing and overall worth watching. However, there is the small factor... okay, enormous factor, that the main antagonist is Jewish and is portraying in such vile light that the whole film is brought down to a screeching halt. Its passionate befoulment of the Jew makes this film not worth watching lest one needed to understand the Nazi's view toward Jews.
½ July 27, 2012
Dear god..........Please.....unless you are in a film class....never see this movie. Unless of course you need even more of a reason to hate Nazis...which you shouldn't.
July 27, 2012
it was a well made movie and basically did what it set out to do, which was to make Jews look really bad...so although i dont personally agree with the morals and ethics of the film, it cannot be denied it did what it was supposed to do and was well made and not boring.
½ June 26, 2011
As a piece of cinema, it was among the greatest works of the time. As a moral and ideological message, it is one of the worst of all time.
½ December 11, 2010
How do you rate something like this? I think its reputation precedes it in many ways. It doesn't seem as forthrightly vile as one might gather from reading or hearing about it, yet at the same time, this is very likely why it has a such a great deal of power. For the exact reason that this film doesn't seem as immediately "bad" as one might think- it may very well be one of the worst films ever made. "Jud Seuss" is an insidiously destructive film, the first portion of which works with such a soft hand that it becomes difficult to discern just what it is that is being force fed. Seuss is consistently portrayed with just enough "sympathy" to lure the audiences collective guard down and coax them into thinking that this all might not be quite as bias and slanted as they've heard after all. I think this remains a dangerous film, certainly ones thats propagandistic power has aged better than most other Third Reich relics.
November 27, 2010
Incredibly well-made entertainment movie merged with antisemitism.
The nazi propaganda part stays subtle up until the last scene, though it's omnipresent (especially to today's audiences).
The director as well as the actors did an outstanding job, and made this movie more than it was ever intended to be.

*opinion about the directing/acting work, no judgment of the film's tenor.
May 11, 2010
A grandious Nazi Propaganda Film and Melodrama it drifts up from the Book from Lion Feuchtwanger rapidly but in the End it beholds his Base that of evil egoistic Men that throw everyone into War and Poverty for their own Sake Oppenheimer who hunger for Power, Wealth and Respect and Duke Karl Alexander who hunger for absoulte Power it is cleary Anti-Semitic Motivated but it isn't really antisemtic when you see the Facts a Antisemit see the Jew in Oppenheimer but i see just a Evil Man the most of the other Jews in that Film doesen't seem evil they do just what ist best for them just like the Germans do what best for them but the Nazi's and in slower Case the German Folk of that time the Film plays don't allow the Jews to do for their own Sake when they must suffer under it like nobody would accept this is everytime Two Sides who fight each other to survive everyone want the best for his Group why they didn't reach their Hands and act together for the Sake of them all? Because of Evil Men who just handle for their own Sake and split and bustle the Folk against each other the Rabbi in the Film seems like a Positive Person he is also very likeable just like Oppenheimer seems very charismatic and in that the Nazi's see the Character of the Jew to play the Good Guy in Front of them but plan his Intrigues in the Behind it is truly a controversial Film that controversial that is forbidden in Germany but whatever you think about this Movie it is a grandious directed, impressive, bounding and brilliant acted from all Actors ecspially from Ferdinand Marian, Werner Krauss, Heinrich George, Kristina Söderbaum and Eugen Klöpfer
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