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½ April 11, 2009
"What if Jesus live in modern days...." Hmmm, sounds very interesting. However, this movie couldn't handle the subject well. Directing, editing, screenplay, acting, music are all terrible.
½ June 25, 2008
The worst Christian movie I have ever seen. Quite possibly the worst movie ever made. It was released in 1990, but looks like it's straight out of the 70s. Horrible acting, the worst special effects, a rushed plot, terrible music (also composed and performed by the writer/director). If you want to see a movie about Jesus, watch the Passion. As a Christian, this is the type of movie that I'm scared non-believers will watch and be turned off of Christianity forever. RUN FROM THIS MOVIE. It is SO bad it's funny. It be a great movie to watch in Mystery Science Theatre. I'm ashamed that this movie was ever made and I had no part in it's conception.
May 5, 2008
an interesting retelling of a great story
April 15, 2008
Interesting concept. Some great illustrations of how Jesus might have seemed to people of his day, mixed in with some highly questionable theology. In particular, the movie doesn't quite seem to know how to handle the concept of resurrection.
A very human and sympathetic portrait of Judas and the other disciples. If nothing else, the movie is better conversation material than most movies out there.
½ March 18, 2008
This movie was on the channel. TBN. It was ok...
February 10, 2008
Pretty weird modern Jesus tale.
½ February 10, 2008
I agree with Andy Dixon one of the critics below. Its the message that deeply touches you in this film not the special effects or the actors in general. The two main actors Jesus and Judas are fantastic actors, you will like them both. Very human and passionate in there own way. Its the passion and the love of Christ showed to strangers that made me love this movie so much. This movie makes you see how you would react to Jesus if he lived here right now in your time. The movie shocked me, I don't think I would be able to fallow any one who declared up front that he was Deity Himself? Only after much evidence of his Love and Power. Much easier for me personally to believe in God who I cant see physically; but I can feel him and hear him speak to me and that excites me. Its so easy to believe in God when he is not a figment of your imagination but a reality of your life, a personal friend and Father. A grate film to watch if you believe in God or if you want to find about the supreme being that you believe but are not quite sure about it. Watched it and see if it changes you and your life. Yaw if you are a hard skeptic you will walk away disappointed again, but if you are adventuresome and have some faith, you will love it. I also recommend the movie called "Joshua " there are some similarities between the moves. Both are about Jesus living in the modern day, but that movie is not as blunt about who He is.
February 8, 2008
Terrible acting, incredibly bad songs, and lazy direction make this film not worth the crap it sells. Interesting concept, poorly executed.
December 16, 2007
Interesting, modern day take on the story of Jesus' death and resurrection...however, the acting leaves something to be desired, and the songs - which were both written and sung by the director - SUCK. They totally ruin some of the most important moments in the film. Other than that, it has it's powerful moments and is definitely worth the $5 you'll spend on it in the Wal Mart discount bin...
½ June 20, 2007
For a cover with so many heliocopters, I think you only hear them in it. Very confusing depiction of christ, absolutely terrible ending, and horrible acting. Random police beat Peter for mourning "Jessies" death. Retarded - you're better of killing yourself than watching this movie. If you're a Christian, you will probably think I'm a prick, but watch the movie and then you'll agree - go watch the Passion if you are into this. Otherwise... I am surprised you even found this review.
June 12, 2007
Excellent movie when you consider the date it was made. some excellent things are pondered and it is a great family film.
May 23, 2007
Jesus in Dockers.....I Love it!
April 21, 2007
A very strange re-telling of the Gospel story. Though at times the implausibilty hinges on sillyness, it is deeply emotional and moving for the most part. Certainly worth watching if you're interested in a different look at the story of Jesus.
½ December 5, 2006
Has Ed Wood been reincarnated as a christian?!? Director James H Barden and directed one of the most laughably bad films in the last 50 years! This film is not even adequate on any level. The acting is awful, the plot is incredibly perposterious, incredibly amateur direction, exceptionally bad lighting. The dialogue is mouth dropping bad. The music sounds as if it were written by a 6 year old. Dreadful in every sense.
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