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March 13, 2014
A cute movie my daughter and i enjoyed together.
January 9, 2014
It treads familiar territory as the billionth coming-of-age story with a mediocre script , yet Jordana Beatty's "supermegatotallythrilladelic"(as the titular character states) performance keeps the unoriginal and rather bland script seem almost half-okay.
January 4, 2014
I want to watch this
December 25, 2013
Here it is, the ultimate king of bad films. I was a little scared to admit I even saw it, so that's why I always said my least favorite movie is Tokyo Drift. However, I am now admitting I saw this. And it was the worst movie ever...period.

If they remove the word "not" in the title, it would almost live up to it's name. They just have to change "bummer" to worst and "summer" to movie. Voila! Judy Moody and the Worst Movie. The fact this didn't get ONE Razzie makes me think that I should control the Razzie noms. It would also make Tokyo Drift get some noms, but of course, that got away, and got nominated for the Teen's Choice Awards.

Final Score for the movie title above (the title is so long and annoying): -74578435897543897543987543897453897894537984573783579835987/10

I think that the number would give you a good idea on how much I hated this...
October 25, 2013
Quirky and fun, but not if you're over the age of 10. The plot was obvious and the actors were um...were they acting or just saying lines?
September 3, 2013
nice for kids.......kids love it even me
½ August 29, 2013
One of the most diabolical films I have ever seen
August 25, 2013
I want to see it so bad
½ August 15, 2013

I want to start off by saying this movie is obviously not for my demographic and I'm not even sure why I watched this in the first place. I'm also gonna say right off the bat that I'm giving this movie a point because I realize that it doesn't appeal to me, but it might appeal to very young children, maybe age 3 or 4.
For me, as an 18 year old watching this, I can say that it was nothing short of excruciating. This is one of the most painful movies I have had to sit through in a very long time.
Nothing about it was funny and the performances were horrendous all around and the film came close to making me claw my eyes out.
The only positive I can say is that VERY young kids might enjoy it. Anybody above the age of 5 years old is probably out of the film's demographic. All the characters were unlikable, the script was horrendous and the direction was non-existent. How this got a wide release in cinemas is beyond me. Even for a children's film, this is bottom-of-the-barrel stuff right here.
½ August 13, 2013
This movie did the complete opposite of entertaining me. The actors all sucked, the story was boring and the humor didn't make me laugh once!
August 13, 2013
it's cool!!!!!! hehehe
August 11, 2013
Very extraordinary movie. Almost seems like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Do like the thrill points idea!
July 31, 2013
I love the movie and I thought it was great!!;)
½ April 24, 2013
Basically put, Not bummer summer is such a firecracker of a good film, that anyone who rates it as rotten has lost all touch with their inner-kid, and bullies it to death. And the cast has such a good chemistry, that only Snow White and every last one of her seven dwarves can hold a candle to them. Really, RT? 13 flippin percent?! Poop picnic on you
April 13, 2013
this movie is so awesome
March 17, 2013
Worthless piece of junk!
March 17, 2013
Cute kids movie. Beast found it a little old for her but I think in a year or two she'll get a kick out of it. I thought the animations were cute and fun.
March 2, 2013
Kids movie. You really can't have high expectations.
January 31, 2013
Don't believe the "top critics." Worth the time to watch if you have the ability to leave your pre-conceived notions behind and judge this film standing alone.

The critics judge this film against the books (that appear to be quite popular and well-written) rather than film itself. I admit I did not read all of the critics comments, but, one common thread was that the film was unworthy of praise because it promotes kids not wearing seat belts and, of all things, eating candy!! The critics compare it to other films and tv shows, but that easily falls into the apples vs. oranges category. Its worse sin, however, is that . . . gasp . . . it won't appeal to adults. WTF?!! I know going in its a kids movie and only so may Toy Stories come along once in a blue moon.

So, what are the merits of this film? It is well written, acted and directed. The underlying big foot plot and the main plot compete quite nicely. The characters are stock, but so what, they work well together. Heather Graham's character is nothing we haven't seen before but she brings energy to the role.

I watched it with my 3 year old daughter and while she laughed only at the more obvious comic episodes, I found myself laughing out loud at some of the more subtle set ups. The film's pacing was refreshingly quick and appropriate.
½ January 30, 2013
...*sigh* Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is terrible. Just terrible. This is the most kid-targeted movie I've ever seen, really! It feels like the film's literally written by kids, using terms as "thrilladelic" and "uber-awesome". It's not funny, too targeted for kids, and, quite frankly, embarrassing.
Based on the somewhat popular kids' book series, Judy Moody isn't all that moody, just a brat. Summer is coming and she doesn't want it to be boring, but all of her friends are doing "cool" things like going to circus camp and some fictional tropical island (Yes, these are actual summer plans featured in the film). Judy gets upset over this while her parents go off to Florida to care for a dying relative. Their Aunt Opal (Heather Graham) watches them, but watches them for the ENTIRE summer. Judy's parents watch over this relative for an entire three months! Opal is kinda weird, she's a guerilla artist who acts like a 10 year-old. She reminds me of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka portrayal, only not as annoying and the fact that Graham is hot makes the film a lot better. Anyway, Judy tries to make the summer fun with "fun points", as one is rewarded with 10 fun points every time a thrill is done. These thrills include a crapload of slapstick scenes, including riding a roller coaster, seeing a scary movie, and tight roping, all ruined by Judy's nerdy friend Frank. The subplot of the movie is about Judy's little brother Stink, who won't give up on proving Bigfoot is real by catching him. Judy is a non-Bigfoot believer but when she realizes that if she catches him, she will be famous, she and Stink try to catch him, which is the main story of the last 40 or so minutes. ANOTHER subplot is that Judy and Frank try to find their teacher, Mr. Todd, who says during the summer he will be going someplace cold (which turns out he works at an ice cream shop during the summer.
This is bad. Very bad. It's a ripoff of the successful Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, only for girls instead of boys. And let me tell you, Judy Moody is nothing but girly. It's not funny, not entertaining, and, man, is it for kids. That rounds it up, I guess. 'Nuff said.
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