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½ January 30, 2013
...*sigh* Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is terrible. Just terrible. This is the most kid-targeted movie I've ever seen, really! It feels like the film's literally written by kids, using terms as "thrilladelic" and "uber-awesome". It's not funny, too targeted for kids, and, quite frankly, embarrassing.
Based on the somewhat popular kids' book series, Judy Moody isn't all that moody, just a brat. Summer is coming and she doesn't want it to be boring, but all of her friends are doing "cool" things like going to circus camp and some fictional tropical island (Yes, these are actual summer plans featured in the film). Judy gets upset over this while her parents go off to Florida to care for a dying relative. Their Aunt Opal (Heather Graham) watches them, but watches them for the ENTIRE summer. Judy's parents watch over this relative for an entire three months! Opal is kinda weird, she's a guerilla artist who acts like a 10 year-old. She reminds me of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka portrayal, only not as annoying and the fact that Graham is hot makes the film a lot better. Anyway, Judy tries to make the summer fun with "fun points", as one is rewarded with 10 fun points every time a thrill is done. These thrills include a crapload of slapstick scenes, including riding a roller coaster, seeing a scary movie, and tight roping, all ruined by Judy's nerdy friend Frank. The subplot of the movie is about Judy's little brother Stink, who won't give up on proving Bigfoot is real by catching him. Judy is a non-Bigfoot believer but when she realizes that if she catches him, she will be famous, she and Stink try to catch him, which is the main story of the last 40 or so minutes. ANOTHER subplot is that Judy and Frank try to find their teacher, Mr. Todd, who says during the summer he will be going someplace cold (which turns out he works at an ice cream shop during the summer.
This is bad. Very bad. It's a ripoff of the successful Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, only for girls instead of boys. And let me tell you, Judy Moody is nothing but girly. It's not funny, not entertaining, and, man, is it for kids. That rounds it up, I guess. 'Nuff said.
December 18, 2012
It a super good movie
December 14, 2012
A movie at first i was meh about but then it grew on me this movie was fun for the age group of 5 to 12 year olds and parents can let kids watch this movie without a care in the world totally acceptable general viewing. All about a young girls attempt to make her summer holiday fun everything she did was fun but did not know it but it was a real adventure the movie had one funny line the little brother had a wish to find big foot and his sister Judy asks him really is there big foot he says 27 people cant be wrong :) lol the movie also has Steve Urcle from Family Matters in the movie as the kids teacher.

A movie that can be used for vacation care before after school care etc... really bright colours and Heather Graham plays the wacky hippy aunty that comes and babysits the kids and is wacky but totally fits the role. Not a bad movie to have part of your movie collection for the kids.

I give it 2 stars only because it was not my age group but for the 5 to 12 year olds for sure 5 stars kinda like Diary of a Wimpy kid but again for a younger audience.
½ December 12, 2012
I would let my children watch this, but I can't sit through this again
½ November 29, 2012
Horrible. thats all im going to say
October 27, 2012
the judy moody movie is a summer bummer.
October 1, 2012
This movie stunk. Even with Jaleel White having a role in it. With summer comes theaters filled with superheroes, sequels and forgettable family fare. In the last category, we find "Judy Moody." Graham is lovely and Beatty a natural, but if you're not two to seven years old, it's one long headache.
September 30, 2012
i want to see it so bad
½ September 11, 2012
Watched this with my son,first time seeing it and it's very good,great for the family,and funny!
August 26, 2012
This is a terrible kids movie. No one will see a movie with "not" & "summer" in the title
August 6, 2012
½ August 5, 2012
Nors gal blogai ivertinau, greiciausiai vaikams jis turetu patikti.
August 5, 2012
If the movie would have maintained its laughs like it did in its initial 20 minutes, it could have been funny, but instead it is boring and non funny.
August 3, 2012
It looks like a predictable kiddie movie with some bad, un funny jokes.
½ August 3, 2012
This was a solid family film that kept true to the books that isnpired it. The acting was good and the story was fun.
August 2, 2012
This Movie is plain terrible. I saw it with my grandaughter and its garbage.The plot is bland,so are the characters.This movie is colorful and is for kids under the age of 7 years. And Jordana Betty is a TERRIBLE Judy Moody,she is very annoying whenever she is on screen. Basically what im trying to say is that Judy Moody is for a younger audience and I do NOT recommend it to ANYONE
July 29, 2012
Fun, cute, and adventurous movie that brings back childhood memories.
½ July 24, 2012
The kids will love it. If your older. I guess not so much.
½ July 15, 2012
I don't get why this was targeted for kids my age. This is moe for people who want to see a shitty Judy Moody film that is NOT based on her first book.
July 12, 2012
Over blown with annoying characters and obnoxious crap flying across the screen.
May be entertaining to little kids, but not for people over the age of 8.
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