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½ October 3, 2012
seriously... stupid bitch!
June 7, 2010
Had potential, but slipped before the halfway mark. Tried to accomplish too much in 115 minutes, and ends up confusing viewers more than anything. Main plot and sub-plot/s(?) end up being too tangled for it to unravel with ease. OK, positives now. This film explores the dark side of love, essentially lust mixed in with enough blood to keep the Saw series running. Lee Eun-ju's final performance is a stellar one. Tops her performance in 'Lover's Concerto' by a mile. Other than that, be prepared for that infamous(?) trunk scene and yeah. Sit back, relax, have a beer, and happy viewing.

RIP Lee Eun-ju.
½ March 24, 2010
suicide, temptation, lust, bizarre love triangle,unique plot...!!! thumbs up!!
February 27, 2010
Will give stars after I watch it again. But years ago when the first time I watched it, I was left disturbed and depressed, but at the same time dazzled with Lee Eun-Ju.. It sparked controversies and 4 months later, Lee Eun-Ju committed suicide.. What a tragedy, she could've been the next big thing..
Like the reviewer before me said; a sad, sad story with no winners. I still can't forget the "trunk scene".
If you have a soft heart, I warn you..
October 29, 2009
A dark movie with an excellent acting . It's werid , disgusting , but somehow memorable . IDK why , but it reminded me with " Vicky Cristina Barcelona " !
October 2, 2009
I watched this movie just because it was the reason for the leading actress to commit suicide, didn't expect anything really. I was a bit bored in the beginning but the end makes up for all the slow motion at the start. Really disturbing and memorable ending, not for all eyes and minds. It really makes this movie different, especially among the whole korean cinema.
Super Reviewer
½ March 27, 2009
A serious adult movie, which is really more about the relationships. This film is a downer and even more depressing after realizing the shining star of the film, Lee Eun-Ju, committed suicide shortly after the film was completed due to depression she was experiencing and anger from her parents for being in a few nude scenes in this movie. The three lead actresses all are stunnningly attractive, but with distinct personalities. Lee Eun-Ju clearly rises above all, and is quite vibrant and authentic in her emotional range displayed in the story. Uhm Ji-Won, as the wife, seems rather innocent and stoic; playing her role in a minamilist style, very restrained as though she is on painkiller medication. The third jewel, Seong Hyeon-a, plays the role of the murder suspect, and acts and speaks as though she is on trial, choosing every word she speaks carefully and tentatively. All three beauties shine in their respective ways and provide a realism to the film rarely exhibited. The outlying story itself, i.e. the murder, is almost an afterthought. Overall its more a tale all too familiar in todays society, and moves very, very slowly. It is worth watching for Lee's performance alone; but be advised this is an agonizingly sad tale, with no winners.
½ November 21, 2008
i guessed the ending but failed to get the story right. it broke my bias over korean movie.
½ September 30, 2008
This movie was weird and it had a twisted and surely memorable end. Different drama than other movies. Just doesn't belong to my favourites.
March 13, 2008
Yet another bad Korean movie, I can honestly say that it piqued my interest only because of the scandal that resulted from the actress hanging herself. Although some believe it was her role and nude/sex scenes in this film that drove her to a date with a noose, she had apparently done other films with similar performances. The gambling mother theory is my personal favorite... although it is quite a loss to lose one who's obviously gone through so much plastic surgery.

This movie, just like its photogenic suicide actress, is also an incredible mess. The plot is gripping for the first 70 minutes, but then decides that "it's too hard" to actually come up with an ending, so it mixes in lesbianism and a car trunk to conveniently dispose of all the loose ends. Ugh, lazy filmmaking again from Koreans. Can you people make something that's neither a rehash of My Sassy Girl or just plain bad melodramas? Probably not huh?
March 4, 2008
an interesting movie about adultery from different points of view. i guess that's the main reason for the title. i won't give it 5 stars because of the real dumb over dramatic ending. the "hot" one actually killed herself in real life after this movie b/c of being partially nude in this movie (or so i hear). definitely not for everybody, but it's a good movie.
February 26, 2008
*Spoilers ahead*

This erotic thriller was light on the thrill and heavy on the erotic for a korean film. It centers around an asshole cop who is having an affair on his pregnant wife with his pregnant girlfriend. Meanwhile, he finds himself getting rapt in the drama of a woman suspected of murdering her husband.

This turns out to be a red herring as we discover by the end that things are exactly what they seem although she is not to be brought to justice... her part in the story is merely to bookend the piece and leave the audience feeling empty inside.

The real story here is the personal life of this jerky cop and his two lovers. Ultimately we discover that his wife and girlfriend were secret lovers. They only chose to be with him so they could be closer to each other... well, that's part of the story.

The movie climaxes in a very controversial scene that I'll do my best to describe... Our cop friend takes his girlfriend out on a drive to get away from it all after they are found out by his wife. She's hoping he'll leave his wife for her and he's trying to figure out how to dump her. The pull off the road and park in front of a lake where they start to talk and then fool around.

Kissing, they fall into the trunk and she closes the lid behind them. It starts out funny to them, but then gets serious as they realize help isn't coming. It's claustrophobic and fairly intense as they talk and cry and panic and struggle to get out. After a few days, she wants to kill herself (he does it for her) - but not before saying "you've pissed and shit yourself and you still want to live?" (hilarious). He spends two more days in the trunk with her corpse covered in her blood (and his own shit and piss apparently) and comes out still an asshole, but no longer a cop or a husband.

I think people have a problem with this scene because they know that you can exit a trunk through the back seat. Well, assume this is a cop car that's been modified for whatever reason and the seats don't fold down from the trunk area.

The girl who played the girlfriend actually killed herself shortly after this film was released.

*END Spoilers

So is it good? Well, it's very competent filmmaking. I found the acting to be pretty good as well. The only real issue is with the story. It's a good story, but it requires the audience to forgive a lot and you also need to be able to accept a downer ending. It's worth watching, but there are definitely better films out there.
½ January 28, 2008
a murder mystery starring late qt eun-ju and seductive hy- eon-a. flaw is 2 disparate stories competing for our attent- ion causing drag and regression. but it's salvaged by an e- lectrifying performance by multi-talent eun-ju. for her fans
January 21, 2008
This was the first Korean movie that I ever saw! It was at a DVD Bang and the first half of the film was great. A married detective cheats on his wife with her friend, a night club singer, and another who he is investigating in a murder case. There were some sex scenes unlike anything I've seen in a Korean movie since.

As for the second half, things get ridiculous when the detective and his mistress are sitting on the back bumper of his car, fall and accidentally lock themselves in the trunk... for the rest of the movie, which seemed both completely random and totally unnecessary.

Sadly, Eun-Ju Lee's steamy scenes were ill-received by her family and she killed herself shortly after it's release.
November 24, 2007
A very engaging film that pretty much left me wanting to die.
½ October 16, 2007
Crime story, with complex love triangle, erotic scenes,..... many many different things in that movie, but at the end, mixture is good.
September 29, 2007
It's Korean star Lee Eun Ju's last film. The name of the film is based on Hawthorne's novel. I can't find a straightforward linkage between the novel and the movie after I've gone through both. And I like the novel more.
½ August 30, 2007
Pretty entertaining thriller. The trunk scene is a little disturbing. Lee Eun Ju's last film...so sad.
½ August 26, 2007
I wont go so far to say that it has wasted 115 minutes of my life, but the movie, especially the later parts, is deeply unsatisfying. I see some very promising things, eg very convincing performance from Eun-ju Lee, but there are certain important elements lacking from it that made it a bloated film that is neither an interesting romance story nor a suspenseful crime thriller. I give it 1 and 1/2 stars. The other 2 is for Eun-ju Lee.
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