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July 15, 2014
Gripping drama. Really good.
March 18, 2014
"Jump" spends a fair amount of time presenting itself a certain type of movie - sarcastic, amoral, built on a fractured timeline that aims to make the audience feel clever for putting its multiple points of view together. It does that reasonably well, in fact, but it may not actually be best served by playing it cool in that way, as it's at its best and most interesting when it stops fooling around and says what the characters are feeling.
September 17, 2013
If you liked lock stock and two smoking barrels, or snatch, then you'll like this movie. A bit dramatic and sad at the moments, but connections and crossing stories add to the interesting part
April 28, 2013
A real Gem of a movie which just got released here in Ireland. I do hope it will be distributed elsewhere in Europe and the world because it truly deserves it.

The plot follows three storylines during new year's eve night in Derry: three henchmen looking for stolen money,two friends out for a night of partying which doesn't really goes as planned,and a teenager who meets a sympathetic stranger while contemplating suicide on a bridge.

I can't reveal more for fear of ruining the film but the structure of the movie is absolutely fantastic. The way the three stortlines gets connected slowly dawns on you, and even though it might be a little slow-ish in the first 30 minutes, it is absolutely worht the wait. Once you get into the rythm and the logic of the movie, it becomes irresistible.

With a fairly unknown Irish Cast, it is very well played, and the characters are developed just enough to make you care for them (or hate them...). There are maybe a few moments that require a bit of suspension of belief; but those are easily counterbalanced by the power of the script and of the story.

This film probably wont get all the recognition it deserves, but I certainly encourage anyone to go for it.
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