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August 14, 2018
Jumper can't make the leap from cool concept to good movie.
February 3, 2018
Jumper is a movie with no special powers. Despite its slick and sleek approach to extraordinary events, it remains quite ordinary and remarkably nondescript.
November 20, 2013
A movie that has a tremendous premise and awesome special effects that are ultimately hindered by a script that prevents its characters from every fully taking off.
February 18, 2012
November 18, 2011
March 29, 2011
Light entertainment is all about playing to an audience's fantasy. There have been quite a few well-crafted and entertaining films that have started the same way and gotten away with it, out of sheer creativity. Jumper is not one of those films.
August 27, 2009
A better filmmaker would have given the material some kind of vertiginous rhythm, yet Liman just plods humorlessly, flavorlessly.
February 2, 2009
Jumper is a popcorn movie, but without salt or butter. Too many of the kernels remain unpopped. It's like the Saturday matinees of yore. But by the time you've crossed the lobby after seeing Jumper, you've forgotten it.
October 18, 2008
An elegantly idiotic sci-fi thriller that initially feels as though it might have derived from Philip K Dick -- but lacks the master's lysergic idiosyncracy.
October 18, 2008
Jumper is almost in too much of a hurry at times and logic and cohesion suffer as a consequence.
October 18, 2008
October 18, 2008
October 18, 2008
Director Liman is a major talent. He deserves better material to mold.
July 22, 2008
The movie isn't terrible and I certainly liked the superhero aspect of it, but the romance doesn't work and it has a rushed, sloppy feel throughout.
June 11, 2008
"Jumper" is a plodding, action-less mess, in which we'd only be interested if we could comprehend what the heck was going on.
June 7, 2008
The worst sci-fi concept since The Adventures of Pluto Nash placed Eddie Murphy on the moon.
June 6, 2008
If Jumper too often feels like a special-effects demo reel in search of a story, at least the eye candy is pretty darn sweet. [Blu-Ray]
June 1, 2008
The film is just very sloppy and seemed like it was just pieced together really quickly to be released as fast as possible.
May 29, 2008
As a travelogue, it makes a compelling case for Rome, Egypt and Tokyo as vacation destinations. As a story, it is stillborn.
May 24, 2008
By mid way, you wish the jumper were you. Teleporting yourself to the outer lobby would be far enough.
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