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October 14, 2012
Jungle Jim helps another intrepid reporter, this time to find the "Land of the Giant People. " This entry is pretty bad, even by Jungle Jim standards. No only are the giant people not giants, they look more like werewolves, but the filmmakers use a ridiculous amount of stock footage that's really distracting and borders on Ed Wood levels of overuse. This one is only for die hard Weissmuller fans.
½ March 12, 2010
31/100. This is the eighth entry in the Jungle Jim series, and unfortunately not the last. The were profitable at the time, mainly because the had minuscule budgets. As with most in the series, the plot is lame and stupid. This time he gets entangled with a greedy and evil ivory hunter. That's not all folks, he also has to grapple with a "giant man," in bad make up, a phony looking costume and a desperate need for a dentist. As with all in the films in the series, a lot of obvious stock footage is used, and a menagerie of animals that in reality do not co-exist anywhere in the universe. The acting is, as expected, poor, the art direction painfully obvious. The film looks as though it took perhaps a week to film.
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