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May 21, 2017
Tim Allen and Martin short are pretty hilarious in this movie I was laughing a lot when I saw this. Now see what you think of it, it is a good comedy
March 25, 2016
Oh, sweet nostalgia, one of my all time favs as a kid. Today, I know it is not a great movie, but it is fun to watch, an entertainment for the whole family and a very rewatchable movie.
January 28, 2016
Tim Alan and Martin short are good in this movie it is a funny Comedy that will blow you a way there is some parts that have rude humor in it. But I laugh when I watch this movie. You should see the movie.
June 26, 2015
Great family movie. I loved it as a kid, and still love it to this day!
January 31, 2015
There are two surprising things about "Jungle 2 Jungle". The first is that amazingly, this is not a sequel, but actually a remake of a French film (unlike "Journey 2: the Mysterious Island" or "2 Fast, 2 Furious" which are sequels). The second surprise is that this is nothing more than a lame family comedy. Even if you had lived your entire life in a jungle and had never seen a film before, '"Jungle 2 Jungle" would be recognized as a predictable pile of lizard guts. This family film is not funny, believable or touching and the characters will make you cringe. I heard the original isn't very good and unsurprisingly, neither is this movie. (On VHS, January 2012)
½ September 4, 2014
At least it delivers entertainment in some points.. =)
September 3, 2014
Just a few questions to show how stupid movie this is: 1. How on earth a 13 year old tribal boy can travel to US from Amazon basin without visa and passport? 2. How can a naked tribal boy with loin cloth come to airport, board on plane without attracting attention? 3. How on earth the tribal boy bring an endemic spider from Amazon to US without being stopped at customs? 4. How come a 6 inch blow gun, and a 2 feet bow goes unnoticed in airport scanner and safely transported from Amazon to US? 5. How come the 12 year daughter of Richard kiss a stinking, forever unbrushed, gross stuff eating mouth of the tribal boy from Amazon? I hope now you understand how stupid is the director and this movie.
August 25, 2014
Don't let the bad ratings keep you from watching this hilarious, sweet-hearted wild father-son tale starring the two comedic actors that brings the laughs. (B+)

(Full review coming soon)
½ August 18, 2014
I like this movie for the part where the spider is chasing him across the beach.
½ June 13, 2014
Worth watching once perhaps for all of the great footage of 1990s New York, but everything else in this movie is hopelessly, bafflingly mediocre. Nothing stands out.
May 9, 2014
Used to like it when I was a kid, but now it seems like an absurd sequence of stereotypes. Maybe Tim Allen should have stuck to "Home Improvement".
½ March 8, 2014
I hate everyoen in this film. Except those poor poor fish. And that ppor poor pidgeon. And poor cat. And poor fly.
January 25, 2014
About ten minutes in, you start to wonder why everyone involved even bothered with this. It's not interesting, funny or even slightly engaging. Hard to believe something this dull is a "family film."
December 26, 2013
Jungle 2 Jungle is a funny live action Disney film starring Tim Allen. It's another movie that the critics underrate as it is very entertaining. It's got comedy and adventure, and should be enjoyable for anybody who enjoys good-hearted family movies. (First viewing - Spring 1997 in theaters)
December 16, 2013
JUNGLE 2 JUNGLE is a remake of an abysmal French mess called LITTLE INDIAN, BIG CITY. This movie is better, but that's not saying much. It's really a horrible movie- stupid, condescending, one-dimensional and awkwardly dirty- and there's a lot of it; this is the kind of humor that doesn't belong in a film that passes itself off as family entertainment.

This is by no means a family film- the humor is too dark and too adult for children in this movie. It is impossible to care about any character in this movie- they are as attractive and as appealing as a mass murder. This movie is not only boring, but it flaunts itself as a children's film with a dirty mind. There are jokes in this movie that simply do not belong in a family film- the main child character sometimes behaves like a sexual predator; but this is all the writer's fault. I'm not against dirty humor at all- I actually quite like it. But in a PG rated family film that has not only bad jokes, but awkwardly dirty ones- is appalling.
November 27, 2013
Much of what happens in Jungle 2 Jungle could have been avoided if sense or logic ever cropped up.
November 23, 2013
There's stupid. There's lazy. There's unfunny. Then, there's Jungle 2 Jungle, which happens to be all 3, and so....much....more.
November 10, 2013
A funny film! Especially with Tim Allen and Martin Short.
September 4, 2013
As a child, I felt it was a very fun time. Nine-or-so years on, I'm not as impressed.
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