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½ November 20, 2010
"I love my job." Said Adam Willingford. A dog walker who's passionate about his job. I have to say, I was trying very hard to suppress my laughter all the way of the movie... well, obviously 'cause Adam Willingford's a very funny guy. He has crazy & creepy customers, is paranoid about a fruit cake package that he had helped delivering, and loves his shorts & hoodies. Apparently looks very well in Armani suits too, until he has to pay for it. I'm really glad his romance or quest for love turns out great at the end, and the way he fell for Rachel or Rachel fell for him. It's sweet. Their funny dates. The first time they met & how they tangled around each other with their dog leash. Even though the stupid stalker was there, and Adam's freakin' out of the alleged drug package he delivered. Duh, just couldn't believe how Adam could cut queue & steal someone's leftover drinks?! Haha. Anyway, I really appreciate the ending! Which is awesome 'cause there's no mystery to Adam's future & everyone's happily ever after! Don't you think we need that kind of ending sometimes? So, it isn't a bad movie after all. In fact, it's great. I love it. *hands up* Okay maybe George Eads was wearing shorts & loose shirts, and even wet & half-naked in it, but... can't believe George Eads could actually pull a Ben Stiller. He really should take romantic comedies more often. Seeing him out of control and going paranoid all the time is just fun. Just A Walk In The Park, huh? 4.5 stars on the way. I think I'll just keep the last half for downloading it for 45 hours. (By the way, George please lose those glasses.)
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December 9, 2009
I pretty enjoyed this Movie in spite of all the same sort of Movies out there, Man and Dog meet a Girl in Central Park who has a Dog too and they fall in love, one of them has a Secret and so on, but still watched it. I think it was because of George Eads. For a Change I wanted to see George Eads in a Movie A ROMANCE. I was not dissapointed at all. He can be funny.
May 22, 2009
I sooo want this movie, i seen it three times and i wanna buy it but i can't find it on dvd witch totally sucks cause i loved this movie
October 5, 2008
kinda like maid in manhattan with the mistaken identity thing
½ August 2, 2008
why isnt this on dvd ??? hmm????? why ??
½ August 2, 2008
This movie is hilarious in a dorky way...if you like goofy love movies this is a good one.
May 26, 2008
Cute film, but the characters seemed slightly inconsistent at times, and Adam seemed to spend the entire movie making a mountain out of a mole hill.
½ May 23, 2008
csi presents...: "NICK STOKES: OFF THE RECORD AND AFTER WORK" hahahha
May 17, 2008
SUCH a good movie! I absolutely love George Eads....
½ January 1, 2008
November 27, 2007
I loved this movie. It was cute, and it had George Eads in it. I really, really, really want to find it on DVD or VHS.
August 8, 2007
i love this movie. it's really good.
June 6, 2007
George Eads? Movie? Saw it on TV, but not the entire thing ... I'd see ANYTHING with him. RAWR.
May 8, 2007
its wonderfulll w zy el fol
April 22, 2007
just because george eads is in it
½ March 29, 2007
pretty good i wish he would have just told her the truth but it is pretty good
March 11, 2007
loved it. great family movie.
February 26, 2007
wicked film n we love george eads lol
February 20, 2007
I LOVE george eads!!!
December 2, 2006
George Eads!!!!!!!!!! I really really really really really really really really really really really really....want to see this!!!
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