Kabluey Reviews

October 18, 2008
Short on substance, despite a watchable supporting cast and an amiable overall tenor.
July 25, 2008
Quirky and undisturbed, unaffected and unaffecting.
July 14, 2008
Dramedy with mature themes is light on substance.
July 7, 2008
The filmmakers here not only disguise what they would like to say about the long-waged war, they obscure the message, leaving one with not much more than a few brief glimpses of the war's effects amidst a number of quirky distractions.
July 4, 2008
Prendergast seems clueless that an excess of pure weirdness won't lead to an excess of laughs. It won't.
July 3, 2008
Another tired family values tale about women who make bad parents without men around. Not to mention that wives of deployed military men don't need to struggle to make ends meet or for health insurance, the government does that. Kaphooey.