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November 11, 2013
Kaboom plays out like a a ridiculously campy, and poorly written comic book. It's not very coherent and has a terrible ending.
September 16, 2011
there's no method to Kaboom's utter-insanity; it crumbles badly in the final minutes and reveals its central mystery as little more than a meaningless whimsy.
August 12, 2011
Araki movies used to feel dangerous. This one feels like underfunded kitsch.
June 16, 2011
Isn't anarchic and invigorated but sloppy and limp.
June 10, 2011
A very peculiar campus comedy in which the students seem to have abandoned any pretence of intellectual endeavour for a non-stop merry-go-round of bed-hopping.
June 10, 2011
Think Eyes Wide Shut with its legs wide open.
June 9, 2011
Watching films whose characters spend much of their time staring at computer screens or waking up from dreams is a bit of a drag.
June 9, 2011
Its permanent entry into the cult canon may be scuppered by its cheap cinematography, and a general lack of charm.
June 8, 2011
[Araki] made The Living End, Mysterious Skin and other anthems to gay America. Kaboom is less an anthem, more a discordant impromptu.
June 6, 2011
Designed to have its own fun, filled to the brim with bangs of all kinds but mostly landing with a whimper.
April 8, 2011
All that's truly strange here though is that Araki gets so few jolts or laughs from this hodge-podge of genres.
March 25, 2011
Araki deserves credit for maintaining his independent spirit. But "Kaboom" is short on impact.
March 24, 2011
With Kaboom, Araki takes a huge step backward from the maturity and restraint he demonstrated in 2004's Mysterious Skin, his best and most-assured film to date (and, tellingly, his only adaptation of someone else's material).
March 22, 2011
The fact that the characters spout snappy, profane dialogue while all this is, or isn't, going on around them is more "fun" than fun; Araki's like the too-drunk guy who won't go home when the party's over.
March 18, 2011
What's going on? Who cares?
March 17, 2011
It's certainly all Araki up there, and the film is handsome and swiftly paced. But it also feels terribly routine and even, strangely, for all the trangressiveness it strives for, retrograde.
March 17, 2011
Araki has been making movies for more than 20 years now, and his ideas haven't evolved all that much.
March 2, 2011
Less a boom than a whimper.
February 25, 2011
A vaguely Lynchian thriller with snarky comedic twists that works well -- right up until Araki lets all the air out with a lazily expository final sequence.
February 25, 2011
Copulation practically overcomes the alleged premise.
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