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Kadhalan (Humse Hai Muqabala) (Premikudu) Reviews

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June 26, 2012
I saw this film with an Indian friend because he insisted that I watch it! The only thing I liked in this film was a song! THAT'S IT! The plot was cheesy and the film itself was too boring! The action scenes overall weren't bad for a 90s movie but it got to the point where the main character didn't even touch the enemies when he was fighting! The action scenes were poorly choreographed so therefore...I HATED THIS MOVIE!
May 8, 2009
I love the urvashi urvashi tune.
January 4, 2009
Watch the song video and skip the rest of the movie.
January 1, 2009
im not recomending this movie to anyone but the soundtrack...one of rahman's finest...
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