Kamikaze Girls Reviews

June 6, 2008
An inventive bittersweet celebration of Japanese youth culture.
June 5, 2008
Older audiences may be required to get back in touch with their adolescent appetites for garish decor.
June 5, 2008
December 15, 2005
...this pop-culture bouillabaisse...is so wacky and fast-paced that it's hard to reconstruct much of it 24 hours later. While it's going down, however, it's always diverting and occasionally hilarious.
October 28, 2005
Kamikaze Girls, while being a silly, freewheeling, candy-colored lollapalooza, is also a heartfelt tale of friendship.
October 27, 2005
Nakashima never allows the story to set foot in any kind of reality, and keeps the comic book panels flashing by.
October 13, 2005
The perfect cup of bubble tea for those struggling with philosophical issues such as 'What is happiness? Making clothes or wearing them?'
October 6, 2005
Nakashima vividly captures the zeitgeist of today's Japanese youth culture, obsessed with fashion, pachinko games and speedy pop culture.
September 16, 2005
What the film does say, with infectious exuberance, is that in a world in which shopping trumps all, it's so much nicer to go with a friend.
September 16, 2005
Wildly imaginative, visually manic.
September 15, 2005
As exciting for its beautifully specific and honest portrayal of teenage girls and their friendships as it is for its dazzling visual and narrative style.
September 9, 2005
This droll Japanese import puts the predictable banality of most Hollywood teen flicks to shame.
September 8, 2005
...a super-stylized, fast-paced romp. Sharp-wittedly reflexive, culturally specific, and unabashedly fun...
September 8, 2005
The yummy Japanese confection Kamikaze Girls deserves both a better title and an audience to go with it.
September 7, 2005
A mesmerizing lesson in otherness.
June 27, 2005
It's weird and colorful in that uniquely Japanese way of being insane and weird.
June 16, 2005
Utterly silly but still thoroughly original, it has more spunk than a half-dozen studio teen flicks
May 17, 2005
The premise of Kamikaze might be similar to a younger and kitschy Thelma & Louise, but it is never less than appealingly surreal.