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April 30, 2010
Assembled from over 300 hours of footage, this is a dark and depressingly dreary offering to the gods of dankness. The rays of light were edited out of the story - a nearby artist, and a two month visitor to the camp who quickly realized the nasty subtext that was evolving. The result is a film work of chaos, sadness, spiralling losses, the habitual nastiness overwhelms the few portrayed moments of tenderness.
You may like this film if you like anything that is doggedly determined to challenge "preconceived Hollywood conventions". Imagine watching, neutrally uncaring, as a group of people slowly drown... oh well,
Ultimately, this work reinforces the most negative stereotypes about NOLA - a place of endemic sin, evil, and hopelessness; forget all notions about New Orleans as a light-hearted, fun, or healthy place, with fascinating history.
If cinema verite for you means promoting a shade of truth that tries too hard to be what Spielberg, et al is not - this dystopic story is a success - utterly lacking in mature subtlety or careful humor
October 15, 2009
a very interesting look at new orleans.

this is pretty real, very sad, and very insightful, of one little group of people, who are living in tents behind ms. pearl's house.
drugs really are people's down fall.

also the women with the fake eye. wow!!! just wow!!

see this.
August 24, 2009
So heartbreaking and difficult to watch, but a fascinating look at what happens when a society totally breaks down...when government utterly fails an entire American city. Individuals who admittedly live outside the mainstream step up and do what they can to bring recovery...and, of course, those within the mainstream doing their damndest to thwart their efforts simply because they don't like looking at the ugliness. Made me think that perhaps no other city but NOLA could have survived Katrina. Any other population would have crumbled under the sheer weight of the devastation...packed up and moved on to the next cookie cutter suburb...given up. New Orleanians kick ass! Jazz Fest 2010, here I come!
July 13, 2009
Interesting, but unfocused and meandering. Set the camera down, watch a while, contemplate the tragedy of the human condition etc, that's about it.
July 6, 2009
One thing this movie has going for it is that it is short. That's not to say that it's a bad movie (which it is not). It's just that the amount of time that they dedicate to these particular people at this particular time is probably about right.

It raises some interesting questions about the length of charity. Kamp Katrina is a tent city that two people (I think they are husband and wife - they never say explicitly) set up for displaced people in their back yard after Hurricane Katrina.

The man who owns the land has a construction business that remodels and repairs houses, which I assume is a good business to be in after a hurricane. He hires people that live in his back yard, since they have nothing and he's letting them stay there rent-free anyway. Where it gets hazy, and kind of tragic is that I'm sure some of the people that lived in the tent city were people that had houses that are now homeless. Others were people that look like they were pretty much homeless pre-Katrina and situation never rectified itself.

After a while you start to see the people that live in the tents as not necessarily victims of a natural disaster but as victims of countless personal disasters. At the end one of the women in the tent village gives birth 3 months prematurely to a crack baby. It's hard to feel bad for this woman when you see how much was offered to her and how she still decided to smoke crack.

That being said, it's certainly worth seeing the "Where are they now" extras after the movie to see what happened to that woman.
July 20, 2008
An intriguing documentary based on the horror show Katrina created out of New Orleans. Ms. Pearl is a terribly eccentric, interesting woman and we see her and her husband trying to help their city recover from it's disaster one person at a time.
July 14, 2008
more evidence that our country is doing little to nothing to help these people get back on their feet. the hopeless attitude from the people is so wrenching - especially the pregnant woman. sad - but worth watching.
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