Oct 1, 2020
Of course this American-made, Australian-set caper comedy is ten tonnes of terrible. How could it not be?
Dec 24, 2010
A very bad movie -- shouldn't have been PG.
Aug 7, 2008
A ragged comedy that features much more lame slapstick action than bouncing beast.
Mar 5, 2007
Likable but negligible.
Dec 30, 2006
Brainless and inane, this is for undemanding kids only.
Jun 24, 2006
Parents beware: this film is too crude, violent and offensive for younger viewers.
Jan 2, 2005
Oh, how I wish I didn't know 'Jack'.
Nov 2, 2004
It's a thin, tedious caper only notable for its impressive Outback locations and a cameo from Christopher Walken that proves the word 'no' isn't in his vocabulary.
Nov 20, 2003
Whatever reasons led to the creation and release of this sorry excuse for entertainment, parents looking for some weekend fun with the little ones can safely steer clear of Kangaroo Jack.
Sep 6, 2003
No one seems to have any idea whether this is an action movie, a comedy, a kid's movie or perhaps a bizarre experiment in kangaroo torture.
Jul 9, 2003
Remember when Jerry O'Connell had a future?
Jul 8, 2003
A competent and workmanlike action-adventure romp for kids, briefly enlivened by a funny cameo from Christopher Walken.
Jul 6, 2003
The movie is crap, but no more so than you'd expect from something with [i]Kangaroo Jack[/i] on the title card and Jerry Bruckheimer's name under the producer credit.
Jun 27, 2003
If you can imagine how painful it would be to wander aimlessly lost for days on end through the Australian outback, that's how the eighty-nine minutes of this film go by.
Jun 26, 2003
David McNally basically made a mob comedy, realized it wasn't funny and then added in computer-generated shots of the kangaroo that didn't require paying actors for reshoots.
Jun 19, 2003
January films are the comeuppance all film critics must suffer for the treasures thrown at them during November and December. Seeing that 2002's holiday slate was one of the richest in memory, something tells me I'm in for 31 days of pain like no other.
Jun 17, 2003
O personagem-ttulo aparece pouco ao longo da projeo: se somarmos todas as suas cenas, possvel que o resultado no passe de 15 minutos. E se estes 15 minutos j so ruins, imaginem os 75 minutos restantes...
May 22, 2003
If only Walken had met up with the kangaroo...
May 20, 2003
Parents may find themselves growing tired of the immature undertone, but the charismatic odd couple of O'Connell and Anderson is enough to emphasize the film's light-hearted feel.
Apr 26, 2003
I'm sorry to say that Kangaroo Jack is top of my 2003 'worst list' so far.