Kangaroo Jack Reviews

May 22, 2003
If only Walken had met up with the kangaroo...
January 19, 2003
Is it great? No. But it's a good movie for the whole family to lighten up a bit.
January 17, 2003
The bopping, socking marsupial hero of Kangaroo Jack packs quite a comic wallop.
January 17, 2003
Brainless and silly and full of pratfalls and physical humour -- all of which will make you giggle in spite of yourself.
January 17, 2003
Jack is reminiscent of such films as Short Circuit, The Monster Squad and the Don Knotts vehicles of the late Sixties - certainly not the most well constructed pieces of entertainment, but endearing nevertheless.
January 16, 2003
The film has a lively bounce, brisk pacing and a sense of humor that younger viewers can appreciate.
January 16, 2003
The stars seem to be having so much fun you can't help chuckling along.
January 15, 2003
There really is a nice core to the movie, and O'Connell and Anderson are equally adept at getting laughs by playing up the characters' manic drive to keep going.
January 11, 2003
High-spirited and even endearing...Kangaroo Jack is far better than it has any right to be.