Kassim the Dream Reviews

October 9, 2019
It does provide a truthful moment of personal pain that is both searing and heartrending.
December 4, 2009
A former child soldier in Uganda, the boxer Kassim continues to wrestle with the effects of the violence he witnessed and committed.
November 24, 2009
The abduction of innocent life
November 21, 2009
Occasionally the subject matter of a documentary transcends the film's artistic construction
August 7, 2009
While it tells a remarkable and disturbing story, you may come away with a nagging sense that Kassim the Dream only skims the surface.
June 8, 2009
Full of obvious good intentions, the film still suffers from a rambling narrative that leaves too many loose ends.
June 5, 2009
Kassim Ouma has, to say the least, an unusual life story....The filmmaker Kief Davidson recounts this vivid tale in the dull documentary.
June 4, 2009
Troubling look at an exiled prizefighter who returns to Uganda to confront his past.
June 3, 2009
Fueled by the nervous energy of its irrepressible subject, Kassim the Dream is a lively and colorful treatment of what's thus far been a remarkable life.
June 3, 2009
Kassim the Dream's aestheticization of human despair is nearly obscene.
June 1, 2009
While it may be short on insight, Davidson's movie has one distinct advantage: Kassim himself.
May 15, 2009
A nuanced survivor's story that memorably transcends its genre.
May 22, 2008
The story of Kassim "the Dream" Ouma and his rise from Ugandan child soldier to world champion boxer combines serious human rights issues with incredible triumph-over-adversity sports lore.