Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Kaubôi Bibappu: Tengoku no Tobira) Reviews

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October 5, 2019
It's crazy how something with so many pieces can still feel so slow and bland? I'm sure some anime fans will be horrified by that statement but there it is.
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June 24, 2006
The film starts with a bang, but its characterisation comes with a whimper.
January 14, 2004
Based on the popular Japanese animated TV series, it features many of the strengths and weaknesses of the genre.
July 8, 2003
The only problem for me was that the plot failed to grab the attention the way the visuals did: a very involved storyline about terrorists and a biological weapon went on at least a half-hour too long.
July 2, 2003
The whole extravaganza could have made for a plucky 70 minutes, but it packs on an additional three-quarters of an hour of saw-toothed melodrama.
June 13, 2003
A joyless hatchet job.
June 6, 2003
Even fans of the series may be disappointed.
June 6, 2003
The movie, with room to gallop through nearly two hours and an R rating, often just kicks around in the stable.
June 6, 2003
[Nonfans] will be admitted to the clubhouse, but will not be made to feel welcome.
May 18, 2003
It has the plot of an engaging, stylish action movie, but the pitiable soul of a second-rate philosophy major.
May 8, 2003
Folks who go for this sort of thing will find it the sort of thing they go for. But the rest of us may find reason to scratch our heads and scratch again.
April 20, 2003
The filmmakers draw on interesting material here; too bad they don't go anywhere interesting with it.
April 15, 2003
A bit of a genre hybrid that, for all its anime coolness, doesn't quite transcend the commonplaces of the genres it's splicing together.
April 9, 2003
The parts are better than the sum
April 7, 2003
Watch the Cartoon Network show instead, it's more fun.
April 5, 2003
April 4, 2003
Too episodic to be coherent drama, too silly to be taken seriously and too long by far, this is the rare example of Japanese anime that seems singularly lacking in inspiration.
April 4, 2003
It's hard to imagine this overlong, overplotted and underdrawn animation winning many new converts, either to the series or to anime in general.
April 4, 2003
An endless and endlessly pretentious expansion of the popular Japanese anime TV series.
April 4, 2003
The story bogs down in several places and is almost too ambitious for a cartoon...but fans of the television show should still be thrilled.
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