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July 14, 2011
Keeping Up with the Steins is about trip to his bar mitzvah party with his dysfunctional family in one house.
Good plot and good acting most of the time
Its kind of a cult, spoof and comedy mix into to one. This film is making fun of how too many Jewish families see a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah not as a coming of age for their son or daughter, but rather as an excuse to throw outrageously lavish parties. It had one good song at the very end.
Lacking acting sometimes
Lacking good music some times.
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½ April 3, 2007
much better then expected
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April 3, 2007
Being Jewish, I have a bias towards liking a film like this. The usage of Yiddish, along with the many exaggerations of the Jewish family are something most people won't understand, unless they grew up around it. Parts of this film I found to be hysterical, while my non-Jewish friend, sitting next to me, didn't get it at all. As for the film, it's a lie before the credits even stop rolling. Keeping Up With The Steins, really has very little to due with the Stein family, as they are part of the background story at best. The film is actually about a broken family, forced together on the eve of a child's Bar Mitzvah. Benjamin Fiedler (Daryl Sabara) is turning 13, which in the Jewish religion means that he is about to become a man. His parents are well off and are making huge plans for the event, but Ben wants no part of it. In an attempt to take the attention off himself, he sends an invitation to his estranged Grandfather that he's never met, a Grandfather, who shows up to the families wealthy neighborhood in an old RV, with a woman half his age. This is where the heart of the story comes from, as father and son are forced together after fifteen years. Jeremy Piven stars as the son and believe it or not he's a big time Hollywood agent, living in a life of luxury. This toned down version of Ari is forced to see his father, played by the legendary Garry Marshall. For the past 15 years, he's been living as a hippie, teaching on an Indian reservation. As soon as they see each other the two are at odds and it really is very funny. The star of the film is Spy Kids, Daryl Sabara, who I have never liked. He's just always so shy and painfully awkward, I really just don't understand his appeal. While he is a major part of the story, the parts of the film that feature him without Marshall or Piven are just painful. Keeping Up With The Steins isn't raunchy and much of the humor is intertwined in the Jewish religion. If you're not Jewish, you'll probably have the same reaction my friend did. Personally I loved it, but I can understand how this film won't appeal to everybody.
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½ November 7, 2006
Resoundingly artificial and rarely amusing.
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½ March 22, 2012
Not bad. Pretty forgettable movie though.
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January 20, 2008
Maybe a bit repetitive but it's funny and pretty interesting.
½ May 11, 2007
The idea of young boy arriving at the age where he is considered a man is celebrated traditionally by Jews. In this age of consumerism, most 13 year old boys are given lavish feasts in which expense seems to be no object by parents that have the means to do so. The feasts evidently must have a theme. When we first meet the people in this mildly funny movie, they are in the middle of a bar mitzvah with a Titanic theme. We watch as the young boy arrives in a replica of a ship posing as Leonardo DeCaprio and even colliding with an iceberg. This party cost about half a million dollars to Arnie Stein, a Hollywood type that can well afford it. As Benjamin's own bar mitzvah approaches, his parents, Adam and Joanne Fiedler must make a decision about how big a party they want, and what theme will their son choose. Benjamin, who appears more grounded than his Hollywood agent's father, only wants to have his paternal grandfather, a person he has never met, at the party. Benjamin plays a trick by sending Irwin Fidler an invitation with a date of two weeks before the actual event. Little prepares him for the character his grandfather turns out to be. Irwin, who left his family when Adam at a young age, comes to town with his New Age-type girlfriend, who goes by the name of Saved Feather, to stay at his son's mansion. This brings back bad emotions Adam has kept bottled inside him. He can't forgive his father for what he, and his mother Rose, had to endure. The old man is a changed man and his love for his newly found family serves to get Adam's forgiveness. Garry Marshall steals the show with his Irwin. Mr. Marshall knows comedy well and knows what buttons to press to put the audience in his pockets. Doris Roberts is tremendously appealing as Rose, the wife that has had to endure a lot after Irwin left her. Jeremy Piven and Jamie Gertz are perfect as the parents facing a dilemma about to go broke in order to keep up with the Steins. Daryl Sabara is an excellent actor who shows he knows what he is doing. Daryl Hannah has some good moments as the evolved New Ager. Larry Miller and Richard Benjamin are seen in supporting roles. Basically, there was no cussing, sex, or violence to mar this nice piece of family entertainment.
½ February 10, 2007
Cute, but that's it.. at least from my perspective as a very NOT Jewish Pagan.. The acting was mostly great.. (not my favorite Daryl Hannah role, although I did think the character was interesting) Garry Marshall was.. well.. come on.. he's Garry Marshall..

This one is worth a watch.. but I wouldn't run out and buy it right away..
½ August 20, 2007
Some funny parts but for the most part poorly put together. It just seemed like some one turned the camera one and said action. Total cinematic chaos.
½ July 19, 2007
This was an ok family movie. It had it's funny moments, but it also has it's slow moments. It's basically about a kid who wants to get his dad off his back, so he invites his grandfather to come and stay with them and tries to make them get along. I can't say this is a must watch movie, but if you like family dramas, you might like this.
June 27, 2007
Depending on your point of view, this is either a simple, safe, sitcom-stereotypical family comedy or a passive-aggressive, inadvertantly anti-Semitic come-laugh-at-the-Jews cartoon. Either way, it ain't kosher. (Oy!) Don't let the box art fool you; the prominently featured (and always reliable) Larry Miller doesn't play a very large role in the story, and Jeremy Piven, an actor of considerable charisma with the right material, carries the burden of making the mawkish plot palatable. Unfortunately, he can't, as the movie employs every cultural stereotype since Shylock demanded his pound of flesh. The difference is -- get ready for it! -- that these cliches are used in the service of comedy! Well, sonuvabitch, what a concept. That's not to say "Keeping Up" is totally devoid of charm; there are a few chuckles to be found amid the pandering. But the movie's saving grace is a career-best performance by Garry Marshall (granted, that isn't saying much) as the erstwhile patriarch-turned-hippie. Marshall manages to take a one-dimensional character and transform him into something that transcends the movie's cardboard ideas; he exudes real warmth, instead of pinning that obligatory heart to his sleeve.
June 25, 2007
This movie was alright. The kid was kind of unbelievable and Jeremy Piven was obnoxious but I enjoyed it mostly.
May 15, 2007
it was an alright movie, it reminded me of high school, of having a better party then the other person.
March 19, 2007
I saw this at my parents' house. I expected a bomb when my mom picked it out at the store, but I was pleasantly surprised.
March 16, 2007
All right Bar Mitzvah movie. A little over the top, and it drags towards the end, but a couple good laughs and a good message about Bar Mitzvahs. I liked the Neil Diamond cameo.
March 4, 2007
Really lame movie! The whole movie was soo fake and it was about a boy and his upcoming bar mitzfah..way too weird for me!
October 29, 2006
This is the first movie I've ever seen to address what it is like to be Bar/Bat Mitzvahed. Benjamin is psot on as a young man who is afraid of letting his family down and going through all that awkward adolescent stuff as he prepares for his Big Day. This was an enjoyable movie. Some of the inter-family fighting was a bit heavy handed but overall a good movie.
November 1, 2006
The theme of this movie is great -- bar mitzvahs should be a time of ritual and family and appropriate celebration, not a time to one up everyone else. There are some incongruities in the time line and the plot, but basically I enjoyed it.
December 15, 2006
I wonder who Daryl Hannah is becaue his name often comes up on this site in quite a few movies. i mean i think that he would be a good actor. Every actor that has been in a lot of movie has a few bad movies and a few good movies. well i mean this looks good and really funny. i am such a big fsn of funny.
December 6, 2006
great now my house has turned into a trailer park with bathroom access! hava taquilla beer wine! this is like the funniest movie ever lol avery! i want it! when i get nervous i reach into my pocket... and
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