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½ March 15, 2015
This is one of the funniest films I have ever seen Til Schweiger in. And it cheers you up, too, like some romantic comedies.
April 18, 2014
Slightly less than average German comdey.
There were funny moments but the story development was surprisingly weak for the length of the film.
I also find that the gratuitous sex scenes are distracting and really don't add to the plot.
December 2, 2013
Beautiful, romantic. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh. Watch in german to appreciate the story.
½ October 17, 2013
Not typically a fan of RomCom, but Keinohrhasen has its charms and its moments of hilarity. Maybe I also fell to the trap trap of a well picked somewhat-Indie soundtrack? In any sense, I'm left with a line to quote for posterity."No one can make you happy if you're not already happy" is probably the one bit of wisdom left by this rather simple, yet enjoyable flick.
½ December 25, 2012
Not the one of the best romance films I've seen, but it was nonetheless touching/humorous. Not a bad watch.
September 11, 2012
And I thought British rom-coms were bad...
½ June 12, 2012
Bonita comedia romántica alemana (si, hay comedias alemanas aunque como yo ustedes tampoco lo crean) con unas buenas actuaciones y buen guion, recomendable
½ April 17, 2012
Keinohrhasen ist eine deutsche Liebeskomödie von Barfu Film. Ich habe diesen Film 2007 im Kino gesehen im Alter von sechzehn Jahren. Seitdem habe ich viele Filme von Barfu Film und Til Schweiger gekauft.
Til Schweiger spielt Ludo Decker ein Berliner Reporter. In dem Film muss er drei hundert Sozialstunden in einem Kindergarten leisten, denn er hat den Heiratsantrag einer ber 1/4hmten Persönlichkeit ruiniert. Ludo ist lustig und er liebt seinen Job. Er ist sehr h 1/4bsch und selbstbewusst aber auch egoistisch. Die Frauen verstehen sich gut mit ihm, da er aber immer frei sein will, hat er keine längerfristigen Beziehungen. Im Kinderhort begegnet Ludo der Leiterin Anna Gotzlowski. Anna ist das Gegenteil von ihm. Sie trägt hässliche Kleider und eine dicke Brille. Am Anfang hasst sie Ludo, weil sie noch immer traumatisiert ist nach ihrer Kindheit mit Ludo, sie sind nämlich ihm gleichen Viertel aufgewachsen und er hat Anna immer geärgert und verspottet. Ich habe die R 1/4ckblende sehr witzig gefunden. Sie streiten immer und es hat mich sehr am 1/4siert. Anna rächt sich an ihm. Ludo kann sich aber während seiner Sozialstunden nicht gegen sie wehren, da er auf Bewährung ist. Doch nach einer Weile entspannt sich das Verhältnis zwischen den beiden. Anna verliebt sich in Ludo und erhofft sich eine Beziehung mit ihm. Doch wie oben schon erwähnt, hat Ludo meist keine längeren Beziehungen. So ist Anna erst sehr enttäuscht und es entsteht ein Streit zwischen den beiden. Irgendwann sieht Ludo aber ein, dass er sich auch in Anna verliebt hat. Er gesteht ihr seine Liebe bei einem Puppentheater. Am Ende des Filmes sind die beiden gl 1/4cklich zusammen.
Ich habe den Film spannend und lustig gefunden. Er ist auch romantisch aber nicht so wie die typischen romantischen Filme. In der Mitte des Filmes hat Ludo ein Treffen mit einer anderen Frau und vergisst einen Termin mit Anna, dadurch ist es extra dramatisch und anders. Die Filmmusikentspricht auch meinem Geschmack, die Musik ist sehr modern von meinen lieblingsgruppen zum Beispiel Apologize von One Republic, Mr Brightside von The Killers oder Everybody~s Changing von Keane.
Ich empfehle den Film unbedingt weiter weil es so toll ist. Auch ist es nicht nur ein Frauenfilm, auch Männer können noch viel daraus lernen.
½ February 29, 2012
Even though its a romantic comedy its worth watching it. Extremly funny, charming characters and just a nice and cute story.
December 22, 2011
Ludo - pa?l?s bulvarini? leidini? urnalistas, d?l straipsnio pasiruo?s bet kokiems ygiams. Be to, jis nepraleidia progos umegzti trumpalaiki? meil?s roman?li?. Po vienos i nevykusi? idaig?, kuri sugadino pasaulin?s garsenyb?s suad?tuves, Ludo gauna nuobaud? - 300 valand? darb? vaik?
darelyje. ?ia jis sutinka avingaj? An?, i kurios bjauriai aip?si mokykloje.

Labai patiko
May 1, 2011
Til Schweiger is awesome in this movie!!! Love the story!!
March 31, 2011
Popcorn flick that is filled with sweet,moments...
February 25, 2011
Written, directed, produced and starring Til Schweiger...Rabbit Without Ears is a funny and endearing comedy with a little romance thrown in. The performances are what make this movie so endearing.
February 19, 2011
a german rom-com that is rather entertaining. amazingly the most beautiful member of the cast is the lead actor, and he directed this movie too?? clearly he has good karma.
½ February 11, 2011
This was a very good movie by Til Schweiger. It was wacky, funny and feel good kinda thing.
½ January 24, 2011
Stick to the first; think twice for the second ...
½ January 13, 2011
Ludo Decker um ftil reprter sensacionalista que vive em Berlim. Sua rotina diria espionar e descobrir fofocas das celebridades para um tablide. Ele tambm se aproveita do seu trabalho para conquistar as mulheres. Quando Ludo e seu fotgrafo esto espionando uma festa de noivado, eles quebram o domo de vidro da casa por acidente e caem em cima do bolo. Ludo condenado a prestar 300 horas de servio comunitrio em uma creche. L ele conhece Anna, sua vizinha de infncia, que era sempre ridicularizada por ele. Como vingana, ela o escolhe para os mais humilhantes trabalhos. Porm com o convvio, a tenso entre os dois se dissipa e eles se tornam mais que amigos, fazendo com que Ludo descubra como dar valor s coisas que realmente importam e encontre o verdadeiro sentido do amor.
January 1, 2011
Til Schweiger und Nora Tschirner waren fantastisch. Der Film macht Spa, bringt teilweise Tränen und hat auch einen schönen Soundtrack. Will das schon mal wieder gucken!!!!
November 16, 2010
Entertaining movie that is funny and good cast. I will wanna watch the uncut version though. Til Schweiger is a gossip reporter who is also handsome and go to bed with many women. His parter in crime is a photographer Matthias Schweighfer but no luck with women. While having lunch with his sister in a restaurant, he receive a tip off on a sports star going to propose to his girlfriend and off he goes to cover the news. He know the dirty secret of the hotel manager and use it to gain entry. Til even got the time to have sex with a hottie in the spa before the job. They try to capture photos from above the glass roof. Matthias is worried it will break but Til says otherwise and jumps on it repeatedly, eventually it shatter and he fell down. Til was sentence to jail but charges drop to doing 300 hours of community service. First day of reporting to the daycare centre, he meets the teacher Nora Tschirner, who seems to dislike him and ask him does he remember her. Til has no recollection and thought maybe she is one of his one night stand. She reveal to him who she is. When they were young in the same school, he always bully her. All the nasty trick done to her, she didn't forget. Payback time for her now. She ask him to build the playground but instruction book is in dutch. Later when a performer is sick, Nora make him double up as the character. He make friend with a cute little girl (Emma Schweiger, her real life daughter) and also her actress mum, who is kind of horny. His problem nephew also came to the daycare and he give him darts to play. Nora scold Til for that and he think it is harmless. The boy came in with one dart to his head and fainted. Both of them rush to hospital. Nora drive the car and remove her specs and they crashed into a wall. They took a taxi but Til didn't have money with him. The driver refuse to move. Nora give him a $20. He drive and stop when the fare is $20. Just a few hundred meters to the hospital, so they got down and rush in. The nurse isn't very cooperative as well and Nora really flare up. The doctor remove the dart and boy is ok. Later the day, Nora call Til and sort of apologise and praise him as well. Ask him out for a date, they talk about sex and relationship. Til and Matthias date the hot mum and her friend. Matthias sex with the drunk lady but she vomitted on top of him during sex. Til went to find Nora. When Nora is jogging she trip over open car door, she date the guy. But he is boring and so proper. Nora got tipsy and went to find Til at his place. She complain that she purposely doll up, shave clean, didn't wear any undies for the date but ended up with no result. Til is surprise. And she kiss him and they end up have sex. Over time, time at daycare and together got better. Til completed the service and have to leve. Nora is in love with him. She went to find him and confess her love but the ship horn flare cover the words. He ask to meet her for dinner again. He didn't turn up and instead have sex with the hot mum. She go his home to find him like this and very sad. He chase after her but she says is ok. She remain uncontactable for him. When sitting by the pond, an actor Jrgen Vogel go over and chat with her. When covering the event, Jrgen brought Nora along. Next day paper Til wrote she is the most beautiful woman to attend the event. This anger his boss who fires him. Til went to daycare and her friend told him she and the kids are at the theatre. He talk to her but she only wanna be friends. He goes backstage and act as the character, got on stage and profess his love. Crowd booed him and throw stuffs. He fell and fainted. When he wake up, she forgive him. Both went out to take taxi and saw the bad driver. They ask all the drivers in front how much to go to a place, and say will double the money if they blow him. Off course none take it. They reach the last driver and agree to double the money but he must smile and wave to all the drivers in front. The trick got to him definately.
½ November 14, 2010
Predictable, BUT funny!
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