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September 29, 2019
Key Largo (1948) is one of the more entertaining crime-gangster melodramas from Warner Bros. The intelligent, exciting, theatrical, but moody, downbeat crime drama-thriller (and melodramatic film noir)...
February 26, 2019
...there's an inherent theatricality in the situation of strangers involuntarily sharing a small space...
December 29, 2018
It's pure irony that perhaps the objective best Bogart and Bacall film has their least satisfying onscreen relationship.
December 21, 2018
This is surprisingly staid for a Huston film. Still, the top-notch cast punches it across, and the swirling storm raging outside the hotel provides an interesting backdrop.
December 16, 2018
A classy little '40s chamber piece that is competently handled by writer-director John Huston and supremely well acted by its starry cast.
July 27, 2012
First seen soaking in a tub while chomping on a cigar, Robinson arises from the water to put a stranglehold on the film.
August 15, 2011
Trapped in a country estate by an impending storm, a mobster attempts to lay low before escaping from the police, but takes a risky gambit holding Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall hostage.
June 23, 2011
Claire Trevor won a Supporting Oscar for playing the alcoholic mistress of Edward G. Robinson's gangster in John Huston's taut crimer starring Bogart.
July 7, 2010
Edward G. Robinson steals the movie with his permanent grimace, heavy walk and intimidating presence.
April 8, 2008
A little windy and rhetorical for my taste, but still one of John Huston's best efforts.
April 8, 2008
Perfeclty tense atmosphere and performances, with the sparks flying between Bogart and Bacall.
April 8, 2008
Huston's wayward talent seldom lacked energy.
April 8, 2008
Edward G. Robinson deserves special praise.
April 8, 2008
Emphasis is on tension in the telling, and effective use of melodramatic mood has been used to point up the suspense.
October 19, 2007
June 7, 2007
Great cast headed by Bogart in Huston classic.
August 9, 2006
Like the similarly sweaty, claustrophobic 12 Angry Men, Key Largo is a rare adaptation of a stage play in which the physical constraints of the stagebound source material are a strength rather than a weakness.
June 24, 2006
Although the characters are basically stereotypes, they are lent the gift of life by a superlative cast.
February 8, 2005
December 31, 2004
Exciting crime thriller set in the Florida Keys during a late summer hurricane.
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