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½ January 12, 2016
stupid movie how is it a 2011 movie
March 25, 2015
Maddin has always been something of an acquired taste - and he seems to be doing his utmost to keep it that way.
January 11, 2015
True, at times it feels as if the film is strange just to be strange -- but there is much magic to be found in Guy Maddin's film.
August 29, 2013
Surreal treat for those who like surrealism--An admirable attempt!!
Super Reviewer
June 15, 2013
"Keyhole" starts with the police cornering a gang of criminals in a house on a rainy night. Taking charge, Big Ed(Daniel Enright) separates the dead from the living, sending the former out to be taken care of. When Ulysses(Jason Patric), the boss, finally puts in an appearance, he takes care to get warm clothes for Denny(Brooke Palsson). He is also wondering about the state of his wife Hyacinth(Isabella Rossellini). So, he takes Denny and a hostage upstairs with him.

If I was being unusually silly, I would say a lot of the anger at "The Artist" winning so many Academy Awards was due to the continual snubs of Guy Maddin's films. In any case, with his latest film, the partially successful "Keyhole," he moves things ahead by a couple of decades to incorporate every kind of genre popular in the 40's, short of musical, making the formerly implicit explicit in this psychosexual noir funhouse and actually manages to connect a good deal of the dots. And Maddin has the right lead actor in Jason Patric who not only has the requisite square jaw but also the ability to deal with every bit of weirdness thrown his way. That does not include the references to 'The Odyssey.'(Yes, there is a Cyclops. No, you do not want to know.) Now, if someone could just explain the naked old guy in chains.
June 4, 2013
Strange, confusing, and weird. No thanks.
March 9, 2013
If this is what you call an art movie than count me out. This goes on my list as another waist of time
½ February 6, 2013
This surreal romp confuses a bit more than it entertains.
½ November 8, 2012
The newest experiment from Guy Maddin is thick soup of gangster film references & ghost stories that never really finds a point of focus. Rent My Winnipeg instead
½ October 29, 2012
A work of genius not for the timid
½ October 28, 2012
Weird. The naked octogenarian wielding a lash being just one reason.
October 18, 2012
Precious few do Dream Noir like Maddin.
October 9, 2012
September 27, 2012
Kun katsoo avaimenreiästä Guy Maddinin maailmaan, joutuu tunnustamaan älyllisen keskenkasvuisuutensa.
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September 19, 2012
Maddeningly Maddin. It's too much and I'm going to call him on it. Can we have a film that isn't in painful black and white with sharp scene changes and distractions that don't add to the "plot"?
½ September 1, 2012
It won't let me give it 0 stars and a review so I'm forced to give it 1/2. After 5 minutes I wondered what the hell I was watching and after 20 minutes tops it was turned off.
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August 22, 2012
A gangster ventures through his house searching for his wife, encountering tragic family memories along the way, in this surrealistic version of the Odyssey. Contains some cool ideas---Isabella Rosselini keeps her naked father chained to her bed in a sick psycho symbiosis---but it's even more confusing than Guy Maddin's usual offerings, without that spark of mysterious magic that animates his best films. Only for those who are already Maddin fans; this is not the place to start exploring his world.
July 29, 2012
Keyhole is a reminder that Guy Maddin's 2nd act career (starting with his short Heart of the World) is leagues better than his previous output which is charming but not as radical as it should be which can be compared like how Tom Waits was before Swordfishtrombones and how he was afterwards. Keyhole acts like a comedic noir tribute to Last Year at Marienbad and features puzzles that might be found in early 90s point and click adventure games that you had to get cheats for. Keyhole might not be on par with My Winnipeg or Saddest Music in the World but to me, it is at least as good as Brand Upon Brain if not better.
½ July 10, 2012
I don't know... maybe it's the black and white, maybe is the subject, but it remebers me one of the Von Trier's movie and I tried really hard not to sleep! Yet I understand that it's a really particular film, but this isn't enough to make me say it's beautiful!
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