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October 30, 2016
Funny. Right on point with the conversations of immature 16-24 year olds. Tries to capture the struggles of love vs friends vs maturing, which at times is done very well and at other times seems forced. But the comedy and conversations are what make this movie a blast. Like others have said, it's a very quotable movie. If you could turn wiener jokes into sharp wit, Kicking The Dog may have accomplished that.
October 9, 2016
Pretty good movie. Definitely entertaining. I don't understand a few of the reviews like Josh G who seems to attack the filmmaker and the topics of the film more than the quality of the actual movie. He seems to dislike the film because the main character tells stories of his sexual exploits around his girlfriend. This would be like ripping a World War 2 movie because you don't like the way the Jews were treated. I'll admit, it's odd for a raunchy teen sex comedy to try to tackle a theme of mistreating your girlfriend and pushing her away. I wonder of this was the topic in a lifetime movie if some of these reviewers would write a completely different review. They'd probably commend the filmmaker for showing how immature guys can be and how some girls are insecure and stand by this somewhat verbally abusive guy, only to find out in the end there were good intentions.

That said, I think the movie would have been better if the female lead wasn't the girlfriend, and she helped him mature. But I think it is 100% realistic that a guy right out of college who partied like crazy and had no idea what he wanted to do in life would act like this. All of that aside, the movie IS F"N HILARIOUS!! It seriously is one of the funniest movies I have seen. Is sharing a condom vulgar? Yes. Has it happened? I bet it has. But the way they film it, with the guy holding it up and explain the one side never touched his willy, is genius! The big young kid is phenomenal. The footjob is amazing, as is the midget. Everything that one actor that works in the porn shop does is hysterical.

If you're not uptight. If you partied when you were young. I think you will really enjoy this movie.
½ November 25, 2012
A bit breasts and funny remarks, that is all this can muster up to, not really a great film at all.
December 24, 2011
This movie was just horrible. There was no redeeming qualities it was all pretty bad acting and horrible jokes.
½ December 17, 2011
Funny. Funny. Funny. Throw in a couple "touching" moments that display the lead actresses talents and you have a movie that goes in a different direction than you initially think.

It borders on immaturity - and some people may incorrectly think it's immature. I think it's the exact opposite - I think it's some of the most intelligent sex humor I've ever heard. The topics may be immature in nature, but absolutely not the way they're handled by the writer or actors. Some is tongue-in-cheek, but that's because the characters are embellishing the story to make it better - like real life. You're gonna wish they would have used a few more locations - or even ventured outside the house more often - but that's being nit-picky. The humor and originality of a worn-out-genre will keep you interested and laughing and quoting the movie. But you're gonna have to make your friends watch it otherwise they're not going to understand what you mean when you say "You're not so little after all" or "this side never touched my wiener" or "she's husky - oh yeah!"
August 18, 2011
Nothing special but not terrible. The conversations were interesting and funny.
½ February 17, 2010
The DVD case is intentionally misleading. Writer/director Scoot Lammey's Kicking the Dog tries to play itself off as some sort of off-beat coming of age farce. But neither of the amazed dudes standing on the lawn are actually in the film. Nor is the dog with a deflated football on its head, or the girl, or the keg. Then there's the tagline: "Twelve friends... one unforgettable summer!"

In reality, the movie is a lot more depressing than that. A group of people sit around in a house drinking beer and talking with one another about their sexual histories. I don't know whether we're supposed to sympathize with main characters Matt or Satchem, as they both come off as huge jackasses. The two are best buddies, and so they have a huge canon of embarrassing sex stories to tell in front of their girlfriends. Well, to be fair, Matt doesn't have a girlfriend - mostly because he refuses the inexplicable advances of one of the group, aside from letting her give him oral sex real quick. Satchem, on the other hand, has a long-term girlfriend and the movie tries to make him a sympathetic character by showing him making a difficult decision between accepting a job offer out-of-state and staying in town with his girlfriend. But this really isn't enough to make him anywhere near likable, as he has no qualms relating disgusting stories about the girls he's slept with in the past. When his girlfriend gets mad, Satchem whines, "I like you because I can be myself around you!"

You could be forgiven for thinking writer/director Scoot Lammey an irredeemable misogynist. He is. In an interview with, I don't know, himself?, Lammey explains how he came up with the title of the film. Hanging out at a party during his school days at Virginia Tech, he philosophized on the virtues of beating one's girlfriend: "I would never lay a hand on my girlfriend, but a wife, I think she's actually considered a man's property in this state. Keeping the wife in line is just like kicking the dog." Hilarious, no?

As the movie spins its disturbing web, please keep in mind that the movie is "basically" recounting Lammey's own exploits. Of course, a few minor changes have been made. For instance, in the scene where a girl tells the story of using mayonnaise as a lubricant while having anal sex... well, Scoot was just being modest! In reality, he used ranch dressing! Lammey had a difficult time casting the women in the film, not because nobody wanted to be involved in this travesty, but because he was getting too many ugly chicks wanting to audition. Scoot explains: "They just waste yours and their own time. I wanted to tell them that they would be perfect if I was casting the chubby friend, or a whore, but I'd never end up calling them for those roles because their head shots are too misleading!"

But it's not just women that the director demeans - he takes pride in exploiting his parents. The movie was filmed in his parents' house, but they were not allowed to know anything about the film until the premiere, when they witnessed along with 200+ other people the horror. A "foot-job" (it's exactly what it sounds like) being performed in their own bedroom, a man peeing on a window screen, a disgusting scene wherein Matt and Satchem share a condom (by turning it inside out so their weiners don't touch the same place!), and so on.

To be honest, there's more entertainment value in the writer/director himself than in the film, which goes nowhere and does nothing. Lammey claims to have made the film on a $72,000 budget, but I'm unsure where that money went. Most of it probably went to the film stock - it was shot on 16mm film for no particular reason other than to waste money. And I guess a lot of the money probably went to the beer. Real beer was used in every drinking scene to add, I dunno, authenticity? I don't know whether you should really be worrying about authenticity when you've written a scene into your movie where one of your creepy main characters literally pleads with a girl to let him poke her breast for what seems like an eternity. It's like only watching the disturbing Joe Francis parts of a Girls Gone Wild video where he's trying to get the girls to take off their clothes. It's just perpetually uncomfortable.

Kicking the Dog is terrible. It's terrible. But it was also hilarious in how seemingly unreal the characters are, how unreal their situations are, and how unreal Scoot Lammey is. He is currently working on - I kid you not - "a period piece about hanging out". This is a filmmaker to keep an eye on, for sure. He's got nowhere to go but up.
½ October 30, 2009
Very funny, if not occassionally crude and immature. But that's what makes it so real and often hilarious. On par with American Pie, and much, MUCH better than the recent straight to DVD remakes.
½ October 28, 2009
What makes this movie so appealing? Almost always funny, at times hilarious, and throw in a few tender moments and very real arguments, and you have a movie you want to watch again.

The box cover does not do this movie justice. It's not a party movie, as much as a movie about good friends hanging out, getting drunk, telling stories and trying to meet new girls. It's NOT American Pie 5, or Van Wilder 3. It's infinitely better than those movies which really on the "name" to sell copies. This movie is real and unique and hilarious.
½ October 15, 2009
kicking the dog or throwing your lunch up? seriously sounded a good movie, but a very lame attempt at a porky's sequel. don't waste your time with this movie, there are certainly better comedies around at the moment.
½ October 3, 2009
I actually really enjoyed this movie, good dialogue, well acted.
½ September 29, 2009
okay movie. some funni parts.
September 13, 2009
it seems that the writer just grabbed a bunch of inside jokes and put them into a movie. Thats not a bad thing to do, I did it with the script I wrote but also added a few more things. This movie does not actually have a plot but still manages to be enjoyable for people who like to watch low budget films.
August 24, 2009
Imagine if Superbad had more characters, but all the action basically took place in and around one house - that's Kicking The Dog. It has some cool characters and a few dorks, who are cool because they don't know they're not. It combines a very attractive cast, with some young, funny, chubby guys. Memorable scenes and great quotes. Simpl story, but you won't care - it's more about the footjobs, sex and booze.
August 13, 2009
It's not Kevin Smith and it's not American Pie. It's funny because the conversations are real. This is also what makes it unique. American Pie was hilarious, but it was a sensationalized view of trying to meet girls. Kicking The Dog tackles this genre because real is funny. If you don't get it, it's because you never lived it.
July 17, 2009
Good: not all the actors were utter shite
Bad: the film is nothing more than a bunch of sexist retarded twats trying to impress each other with sexual anecdotes
Funny: nothing intentional, only that they bothered to try and squeeze in a faint storyline
Sad: that someone actually dedicated this rubbish to somebody who had died with a message at the end of the credits, that is surely the worst dedication anyone could hope for.
July 3, 2009
Not bad. Just be prepared for a LOT of crude humour.
½ June 22, 2009
well so far a half hr through it and your listening to unattractive ppl talk about sex and their sex lives..their first time for this and that...really a movie about ppl sittig around drinking and talking about i cant do that myself.
June 13, 2009
couldn't even stand the first 10 seconds!!! WORST MOVIE EVER!!! do not watch it!!!
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