Kiki's Delivery Service Reviews

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August 31, 2008
The animation is particularly fluid, especially in the scenes where Kiki flies over the city and along its streets.
August 31, 2008
One of the sweetest, most enticing animated features ever made, Kiki's Delivery Service's enchanting story and emotional core offer a perfect starting place for anyone keen to explore Hayao Miyazaki's back catalogue.
March 7, 2005
January 28, 2005
Adorable. I loved it.
October 29, 2004
One of Miyazaki's most personable protagonists, a delightful cast of supporting characters, and a rambling, episodic story full of charming incident and irresistible imagery.
August 12, 2004
The gentlest and most sweet-tempered Miyazaki film I've seen -- yet it's not without the strange undercurrent of something slightly sinister that exists in all his works.
May 28, 2004
December 1, 2003
October 8, 2003
Miyazaki's suffusing kindness makes Kiki's adventures winning without being overly scary.
June 6, 2003
With so much nasty and unpleasant stuff floating around in contemporary culture, something as good-natured as this comes as a surprise.
June 3, 2003
One of the very best animated films ever made.
April 21, 2003
One of Miyazaki's simplest and sweetest films.
April 8, 2003
Kiki remains one of Miyazaki's most likeable heroes
October 9, 2002
Marked by a delicious bittersweet quality as the story moves from parents losing a child to adolescence through to that child finding--and losing--first love in a strange city.
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