Kill by Inches Reviews

September 7, 2005
March 25, 2002
A derivative film that is as weird as a Quay Brothers one, but as stale as a month old roast.
March 24, 2002
November 1, 2001
Starts out as a wickedly stylized, derisively grotesque contemplation of the obsessive world of the tailor, and gradually descends into the gruesome horror of a deadly sibling rivalry.
October 28, 2001
Light on dialogue and heavy on creepy atmosphere.
October 25, 2001
Climaxes with a competition in which tailors try to guess the measurements of fully dressed models, the ultimate thrill for Thomas, something less than that for the public.
October 25, 2001
Preposterous without being surreal.
October 23, 2001
A ponderous, almost wordless sliver of grotesquerie that doggedly suggests cut-rate Jeunet/Caro or Quay Brothers.