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October 23, 2017
Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. And I saw Vanilla Sky. Sketchy plot, horrible cinematography, and really bad acting. Shot from a first person POV, like a video game, which they probably thought would give it more appeal. I like FPP video games, I didn't like this movie.
½ October 2, 2017
This movie is so boring its unbelievable. I was actually quiet angry after spending money to watch it. Would 100% NOT recommend this movie
September 30, 2017
Most boring movie i've watched in 2017...
½ September 25, 2017
A movie adaptation of a video game that doesn't exist.

Could have spent this budget making a video game and made bank. Why did you not do that?
½ September 25, 2017
A TOTAL waste of time!
½ September 9, 2017
Looks very nice with excellent CGI, and starts with an interesting premise that then becomes unsatisfying. You never learn if something went wrong or if the situation was known beforehand, this you never learn if it was a mistake it malicious or callous. Then there's the 1st person viewpoint. It removes all acting by the lead and makes it seem like you are watching a screen cast off someone else playing a FPS game.

On a positive but frustrating note, the movie had me imagining what a movie based on Half-Life could be. Some of the atmospherics, the drones, even the lead actor made me think of that outstanding game. Perhaps if the director got ambitious, learned from the biggest mistake of this movie (lose the FPS viewpoint) he could extend the positive in this movie and make an excellent movie treatment of the game Half-Life. The lead actor of this movie could even make a passable Gordon Freeman. Take the experiment gone wrong here and the drones and pull them back into a secret Black Mess experiment gone wrong... It really is only a slight alteration of the way it was handled here.

Ah well... What could be.
September 8, 2017
A beautiful heartfelt movie at its core wrapped around with great action. You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only be using the edge of it, in this tension filled blockbuster.
½ September 5, 2017
The saddest fall of a great actor. An attempt to create a first person cinema in a pure science fiction atmosphere about the alien invasion. Irrational action scenes with tragic CGI and terrible acting in every aspect. It is a pity that such a thing happened.
September 2, 2017
Although it has some bad acting, I quite liked this film because it is basically Half Life 2 the movie. The scientist, the science experiment gone wrong, the desolate city aftermath, the drones, they all remind you of a certain Mr Gordon Freeman's antics. at one point, our protagonist even picks up a crowbar as a weapon as a nod to his video game counterpart.
September 1, 2017
Interesting concept but seems to drag for being only an hour and a half. First person style doesn?t add anything and actually makes the beatings seem more over the top. The guy nearly dies a dozen times but something still makes it with enough time. Made me suspend reality a little too much.
August 30, 2017
The movie had a twisty concept, but then it just seemed like I was in a video game in which the protagonist had so many lives. The narrative became confused.
½ August 27, 2017
Story is not bad, visual effects are superbs, actors are ok : personaly I had a good time but I understand that a majority might not like this movie
August 22, 2017
It's got a cool premise, but it's completely squandered with the lame first person gimmick. It gets old very quick, as I feel like I'm just watching a video game, replete with corny acting, and uninspired setpieces. You can't engage with the main character in this format, even when you have a good actor, like Stevens. So we should stop trying to make this style a thing...
August 22, 2017
The special effects to me was very good enjoyed it
August 20, 2017
So terribly bad. straight up.
½ August 16, 2017
This is the worst move ive seen in a long time. The first half hour or so i had hope, that this could turn out ok, but every minute it gets worse. 0/10
July 31, 2017
I didn't even want to finish watching
½ July 5, 2017
Proper Perspective: This is a weird experimental point-of-view style shot movie that for the most part feels like a video game cut scene, not really a narrative driven movie, which works in some ways and doesn't in others. Let's talk about Kill Switch...

Official Synopsis: A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong.

Plot: A man begins working for a mysterious company trying to create a sustainable energy source for the planet, but when things go wrong he has to try and save his world.

Take: After leaving the theater I thought more and more about the concept and movie as a whole, and ultimately this would have been a better video game. Cut the movie up into 2-4 minute cut scenes while the player gets to run around in this world. It is an interesting concept and premise that could work in the world of a video game.

The main premise is that after he was recruited to an energy company in Europe, Will Porter (Dan Stevens) has to go to the source, which he realizes is a parallel world to earth.

He needs to get a mysterious cube to the energy source to save his world and family on the other side. On the other side there is a war going on with a rebel group, his company, and nearly everyone has been killed or evacuated due to the energy source. The big twist is very predictable and the movie is not going to reinvent the wheel in terms of science fiction.

The acting is good despite the thin characters. Overall this is not the best or worst science fiction movie of the year or recent memory, but it is serviceable.

Recommendation: In all likelihood this is not playing around you in theaters in general or anymore. When it hits Redbox, it is worth the watch...

Maybe this can be the inverse of a Video-Game-Movie and make a Movie-Video-Game.
June 20, 2017
I don't understand all of the negative reviews. This is a fantastic movie! It's probably not going to win an Oscar, but it is absolute entertainment. If you like a great story, great action, and (holy cow) amazing effects, then you will love this movie. Give it a shot.
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