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½ March 20, 2014
Now I'm sure that people who've actually seen this and are reading this are thinking "geez, how can he possibly give this film three and a half stars?" Well, the devil's in the details. Killer Fish certainly isn't a masterpiece, but it's got too much good going for it that even the really cheesy and bad stuff just make it all the more charming. It's actually fascinating in a weird way. It's an American production using an Italian crew with mostly American TV actors, as well as being filmed entirely in Brazil. I can't make that up. It's basically Joe Dante's Piranha with a jewel heist subplot shoved into it, but how can you dislike watching a giant fat man get eaten by piranha from the inside out? The film is tough to track down nowadays. As a matter of fact, the only way to see it is either through bootlegs or importing the Italian DVD version, which is entirely in English. I highly recommend this great piece of schlock for those looking for something above average in this particular field. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do. It's got Lee Majors after all, and many recognizable supporting actors. I could have done without Karen Black, but that's another story.
August 12, 2010
Old but still looks cool
July 29, 2010
One of my favorite trailers.....terrible film
February 8, 2010
. . . hopefully some DVD company will release this commercially so everyone can snatch it up without having to find it in ESPANOL from one source and having to track down English subtitles as an .srt file from another source.

I LOVE Italian "SCHLUNKERS" and silly movies of the like and love this . . . KAREN BLACK is pretty sexy in this one.


the beautiful MARGEAUX HEMINGWAY--twenty-years prior to her swallowing a lethal dose of sleeping pills and orange soda--is pretty and funny in this.

THE PRIAHNA eat EVERYTHING and even cause a guy's intestins to flop-out in the water.

It also stars JOE PESCI'S younger brother FRANK PESCI.

GOOD movie with good music and witty dialog.

You know, in 1981 HOME BOX OFFICE aired KILLER FISH as a FRIDAY NIGHT 8:00 MOVIE!!!

I can't imagine HBO (HOME BOX OFFICE) ever wanting to touch this again.

well I LOVE it and would want to watch it again in the future so its 100%.

(slowly but surely I'm developing a criteria for reasons why I give movies 100%)
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