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½ July 10, 2015
a fair to good film noir involving smugglers and a small pox epidemic good noir lighting to
February 25, 2013
Typical potboiler but with eerie parallels to today--Morbid tale of smallpox carrier!!
February 8, 2013
Not a bad plot but it gets a bit lost as the focus goes from the criminals at the beginning to the cops and doctors perspectives for the majority of the end.
½ November 21, 2011
This was pretty good. Not first rate noir by any means, but entertaining. The heels are real heels, the good guys are a tad too earnest, and it all adds up to a fairly good movie.
August 28, 2010
A rather forgettable, uninspiring example of film noir. A woman infected with smallpox roams the streets of new york in search of her philandering husband who is swindling her. This is sort of like a very bland version of "The Stand", mixed in with a rather thin plot about jewel smuggling. If you're looking for a great classic film to watch, you could do much better. This one is far from award-worthy.
½ July 11, 2010
good crime caper pic
½ July 2, 2010
A bombshell blonde returns to the Big Apple from Cuba, smuggling diamonds... and smallpox! It's basically Panic in the Streets, but without the star power, action, or budget. But it does a certain Poverty Row charm to it, and a little bit of style. Evelyn Keyes is pretty good in the lead, helped out by the makeup artist who makes her look more and more ragged as her disease rages on, until she looks like walking death and the film's spectacular climax. Some memorable supporting performances as well, including Jim Backus, Whit Bissell, Connie Gilchrist and Charles Korvin... his European accent amusingly slipping through at times. The movie is over-the-top melodramatic, and has a lot of terrific overblown dialogue and narration. Silly, but a load of fun.
½ May 19, 2010
It seems to be a typical noir about a bad girl jewel thief, so it was a great surprise to have it flip and actually be about a small pox out break. Pretty great stuff.
½ April 17, 2010
A very mediocre noir starring Evelyn Keyes as a diamond thief who brings smallpox back to New York City. Not knowing she has contracted smallpox, she eludes police and threatens to infect the whole city, growing more and more alienated as her disease progresses. Some nice cinematography of New York, but little else to offer.
Super Reviewer
½ March 18, 2010
Overly earnest in the 50's way with Keyes as a modern Typhoid Mary and many scenes really more proclamations than narrative. Still not without its enjoyments including a supporting cast of familiar faces like Connie Gilchrist and Jim Backus.
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