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½ February 25, 2009
This is not "so bad that it is good," it is purely good! For those who don't understand why, you have the intellect of a four year old (in response to a certain comment...) Anyways, Killer Tomatoes Eat France is a parody of itself, a parody of you, and a parody of me. It is the single most genius text in cinematic history. I have it and the three prequels sitting on my DVD rack next to Herzog and Kurosawa. It embodies the recognition of absurdity and undermines all that you or me call standard. I write scripts and this movie single-handedly opened up a genre of comedy for me, the likes of which we have never seen. It can only be taken in portions... its sort of exploitive... by now I'm just trying to take up the ten line minimum. My comment ended a while ago. Hopefully it works when I submit it now.
September 14, 2008
I'm a huge fan of this series, so I'll be blunt. I hate this movie.

I hate the English-Speaking Killer Tomatoes (Even FT can all of a sudden speak English), I hate the horrible fake French accents (It was ok for one joke, but not for the entire movie), and never laughed once during the movie. It's just not funny. The characters are also completely unlikable, and the bad guy's plans are just plain old stupid in this movie. It's best just to forget this movie was ever made.

The only reason I even gave it the one star, was cause there were a couple chuckles during the opening credits, which got half-a-star, and the scene were we see a killer tomato, like the kind int eh first movie, ride a bike. That's the other half a star, cause those were my favorite of all the killer tomatoes.
½ September 14, 2008
Part IV of the Tomatoes Trilogy. Endless jokes making fun of the French are hilarious, and the casual humour is great too. Non-stop laughs, and a slight epicness make this perhaps the greatest of the Killer Tomatoes movies.
June 28, 2008
One of the worst movies ever! How can you not LOVE THAT?? Hahaha! Seriously, I gave it a terrible review which it fully deserves, but I had a great time watching it.
½ June 17, 2008
the opening credits call this film the fourth movie in the killer tomatoes trilogy...and that should give you an idea of what this movie is like. it's got a few funny moments...but in the end it feels like a cheap clone of greats like the naked gun or airplane.
March 22, 2008
As far as bad horror flims go this one is defintely top.
March 16, 2008
Killer Tomatoes Eat Shit.
March 11, 2008
So bad it's damn good. Okay the budget is non-existent, the jokes were written by a 5 year old, and the acting is pretty awful - but this is a pretty entertaining 90 minutes of nonsense, with a manic John Astin hamming it up as usual.
January 5, 2008
More goofy humour from those killer tomatoes.
December 3, 2007
Horrible, horrible, horrible.
½ November 30, 2007
possibly the worst movie of all time. thank you for the birthday present, Lee.
November 17, 2007
ok this i proberly the daftest film i have seen in a long time. i mean it is about killer tomatoes of course it is daft.. just how this series of films managed to last so long and all so spawn a cartoon series i will never know but if u want something silly, hopeless and harmless then this is for u
November 3, 2007
Second best in this series. Silly sure, but fun.
November 1, 2007
Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.
October 28, 2007
looking for this one to
October 21, 2007
Never seen it, but it sounds awesome
October 17, 2007
it was so retarded it made me smile! I LOVE IT!
October 14, 2007
The final entry (I hope) in the killer tomato franchise serves up enough tomato and french schtick to fill your mom's entire pussy up. Still, John Astin (of Addams Family fame) manages to be funny and a delight throughout the entire Killer Tomato franchise. Him alone is reason enough for watching some of these.
October 7, 2007
How many? That many.
½ September 30, 2007
Wow Jordan. I still can't forgive you for this one!
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