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The Killing Quotes

  • Sherry Peatty: You've never been a liar, George. You don't have enough imagination to lie.

  • George Peatty: None of these men are criminals in the usual sense. They've all got jobs, they all live seemingly normal, decent lives, but they got their problems and they've all got a little larceny in 'em.

  • Johnny Clay: You know, Fay, the mistake I made before was shooting for peanuts. Five years have taught me one thing, if nothing else. If you take a chance, be sure the reward's worth the risk. They can put you away just as fast for a ten-dollar heist as for a million.

  • George Peatty: I gotta go out. I don't suppose there's anything for dinner?
    Sherry Peatty: Of course there is. There are all sorts of things. Well, steak and asparagus and potatoes
    George Peatty: I don't smell nothin'
    Sherry Peatty: That figures. You're too far away from it.
    George Peatty: Too far away?
    Sherry Peatty: Certainly. You don't think I had it cooked, do you? It's down the shopping centre

  • Johnny Clay: You'll be loaded with a capital L.

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