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½ July 13, 2016
In the beginning, Kubrick was a smart, ambitious and playful young director. This is not yet the genius's work, just a fine John Huston - Orson Welles reminiscence.
½ July 1, 2016
The Killing is a pretty solid early Kubrick picture with excellent cinematography, very good performances, solid characters and such a superb, memorable airport end scene, but the entire movie is admittedly a disappointing effort from Kubrick with not that authentic plot and not enough noir thrills to take it to the next level. It is solid, but far from great.
June 11, 2016
The killing, another perfect Stanley Kubrick film yet to be unknown to the public that should have a right to. this is not on everyone else shelf because of the plan story line but up everybody you guys are wrong. A story about guns at moms come on this is not a boring telling of the story is shows of the life of man fighting in the crimes of the cities yet to be to come. Beautiful camerawork beautiful cinematography beautiful just beautiful in black-and-white really it is a must see for everybody if you are Stanley Kubrick fan like I.

A perfect 10
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½ April 2, 2016
Admittedly, not a movie I would pick out for myself to watch, this wasn't a bad older movie.
I particularly liked the gold digging wife and the ending at the airport.
It's a heist movie, but the characters and acting are very good.
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½ February 11, 2016
Being a relatively straightforward crime thriller makes it somewhat unique in the Kubrick filmography, and it's still one of the best movies in the genre.
January 30, 2016
One of the best "HEIST" thriller from the master "Kubrick" .
January 7, 2016
Stanley Kubrick's first full length feature film is one of the best heist movies there is, plenty of subsequent filmmakers have drawn inspiration from this film...good acting, great setup, and classic Kubrick shots make this a must see for any cinephile.
January 2, 2016
A brilliantly crafted and wonderfully entertaining film, The Killing stands amongst director Stanley Kubrick's best films. Though lacking the glitz and glamour of his later work, it shows his trademark ability to, well, make great films. A more down-to-earth film, it is brilliantly directed and written and also very well acted. The plan is lays out is very interesting to follow and watch take place and really wraps you up, especially when you see how it all turns out. Overall, The Killing is a fantastic time that may be 60 years old, but goes to show that great films never truly age.
½ December 18, 2015
A stylish early effort from Kubrick, it brings to mind those classic police/heist movies of early Hollywood like 'G Men' and you can see how it influenced modern day films like 'Reservoir Dogs'. It's a really interesting entry in his back catalogue and well worth a Sunday afternoon viewing.
November 18, 2015
Short and sweet, this film's final act has you nervously trembling at the edge of your chair.
September 6, 2015
A must watch for noir buffs.
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September 2, 2015
A decent film noir and an interesting early work by Kubrick. One that is forgotten for good reason - it is passable but not terribly memorable. One can see Kubrick just pumping this out.
½ August 30, 2015
Once upon a time, before Stanley Kubrick entered the final stages of his career and subsequently emerged as a god and master of his medium, he made a name for himself riding the coattails of France's New Wave heist flicks and made The Killing. Lean, mean and economical to a fault, The Killing gets lost in the shuffle of Kubrick's career landmarks, but the man wielded impressive influence even for an overlooked 80-minute heist flick, with its non-linear narrative influencing the likes of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Kubrick's work here is no-frills and elegantly straightforward: Sterling Hayden leads a group of high-profile criminals in the heist of a lifetime; an incredibly intricate robbery of a horse track with cash value of $2 million. No twists and turns, just good old-fashioned theft at the racetrack. The film revels in the gray morality of the characters' good intentions and the tension as the plan begins to unfold. Crime pays, at least until it doesn't.
August 26, 2015
Brilliant crime-noir, smooth as clockwork.
August 19, 2015
You have not yet learned that in this life you have to be like everyone else - the perfect mediocrity; no better, no worse. Individuality's a monster and it must be strangled in it's cradle to make our friends feel confident.
August 8, 2015
After two films that have been forgotten as the decades pass by, Stanley Kubrick meet producer James B Harris and the duo managed to create a film that would represent the beginning of a legend and one of the most influential films of all time: "The Killing".
Johnny Clay is a veteran criminal who plans to make one last heist before retiring and marrying, he plans to steal two million dollars from a horsetrack with the help of some minor criminals.
Most lovers of the seventh art consider "Paths of Glory" the beginning of the masterful Stanley Kubrick as we know, but I have to disagree with that statement. For me, that honor goes to this underrated heist film. "The Killing" counts with solid performances with the highlights being Sterling Hayden as a charismatic criminal, the camera movements are impeccable, the use of music is excellent, a solid screenplay, an innovating (for the time being) use of fracture storytelling, memorable characters (the ones we get two know), a suspenseful vibe, the built up is so masterfully done that you will be leaning to the screen as the film progresses, powerful and sometimes poetic dialog that provide an extra amount of power to certain scenes; the pacing is adequately fast, and an appropriate and extremely memorable ending. The big issue this film has is its narration. Sure, it helped the 50´s audience to understand the innovative time fracture storytelling but it s not a hard film to follow so it is pretty unnecessary and takes away any ambiguity.
"The Killing" is a film that despite the fact it is a product of the 1950´s, it has everything that's need to endure the test of time. It is undeniably the first masterpiece made by Stanley Kubrick and one of the best heist films ever put to film. It is astonishing how quickly Kubrick learned the art of filmmaking.
½ August 7, 2015
This movie is a proof that you don't need a hug budget, not a big production company to make a good movie. Stanley Kubrick has done an amazing job by creating this masterpiece with such a small amount of money.
The dialogues in this movie is such an amazing and so is the acting, which are the two main things you need to take care when creating a movie and both are really well done here. Plus the story line is authentic and well put together. This movie apparently surprised a lot of other movies of it's time.
August 6, 2015
Lá nos anos 50 Kubrick já inovava em modos de contar uma história - e aqui ele faz um dos primeiros exemplos de uma narrativa não-linear de forma brilhante e influenciando gerações de cineastas e roteiristas.
July 7, 2015
Great classic heist movie. Sterling is very good as the main protaganist and the movie is put together very well. Not like any classic Ive seen before. Some of the plot is a bit paper thing but overall its a good classic. Watch it.
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