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½ February 3, 2018
Killing Bono counts with a great leading actor: Ben Barnes and with a lot of great musical moments. The story is original and captivating, the script is well-organized, but it could have been more twisted and less dumb, because that stupidity made that every action by the protagonist could have been predicted by the spectator after so many mistakes and bad decisions.
½ September 3, 2016
I actually watched this a couple weeks ago. Too funny
February 6, 2016
totally rocked. Was awesome
March 21, 2015
I liked this, it was silly, and sad. I know what it's like to feel like you're living in someone else's shadow. I love Robert Sheehan, he should do more and more stuff!
March 14, 2015
What a disjointed mess of a movie. The story is all over the place, and the filmmaking is sloppy. The characters are spoofs of real people and never felt real or relatable to me. It felt like the movie went on and on forever with no real purpose or resolution.
½ January 28, 2015
Interesting story, but it just doesn't grab you, still worth watching though.
January 28, 2015
It's more about the two brothers trying to be better than U2, than the actual U2. It's jealousy that u2 got more famous than they did.
September 16, 2014
Of course this film isn't Oscar worthy, but it definitely has charm, quirkiness and catchy, hooky songs that do sound reminiscent of earlier U2. Of course that is "Shook Up's" whole problem, the torture of wanting to be and sound like an act that is already created. This story is loosely based on Neil and Ivan McCormack's struggle and anguish in trying to create a successful pop music career. It certainly doesn't help that Liam may or may not have been the fifth member of U2, but ended up following his older brother who was on a path of self-sabotage. I really enjoyed it, and also certainly didn't mind looking at actors Robert Sheehan and Ben Barnes for an hour and a half (Nothing wrong with a little eye candy!!). I still can't get the pop theme "Where We Wanna Be" out of my head!
March 3, 2014
So bad I couldn't finish it
September 2, 2013
A by the numbers tale which wasn't as amusing as I'd expected. Problems with pacing were exacerbated by the length, and forced humour stuck out more than any laughs which did arrive.
August 11, 2013
If your a U2 fan u need to watch it.
Super Reviewer
½ May 11, 2013
It all starts so innocently in Dublin when Ivan(Robert Sheehan) auditions for a band that Paul(Martin McCann) is putting together. Paul wants him as rhythm guitarist for his band, The Hype, but Ivan's brother Neil(Ben Barnes) intervenes without his brother's knowledge to keep him out of their band and in his, The Undertakers, who end up opening up for The Hype, just before it is renamed U2. Years later, Neil is a music journalist while The Undertakers are having trouble finding a venue to even perform in, eventually settling on an illegal strip joint where they cut a deal with Machin(Stanley Townsend), so they can move to London to pursue their dreams.

Enter Gloria(Krysten Ritter).

Well, if there was a fifth Beatle, then why could not there have almost been a fifth member of U2? It is a question the tragicomedy "Killing Bono," based on a true story, answers in its own engagingly offbeat way, aided by Pete Postlethwaite who is a blast in his final screen appearance and Stanley Townsend in a neat turn. And that's not to mention the usual bug-eyed charm of Robert Sheehan.

In general, "Killing Bono" does a fine job of exploring what it takes to succeed in the music business. When we first see U2, there is no doubt they are going places, although maybe not as world conquerors, yet. And then there is Neil, as the movie points out, who is plagued by chronic guilt, bad decisions and even worse timing on an almost divine scale, being simultaneously overshadowed by and doomed to trying to compete with somebody who is just so gosh darn nice.
March 25, 2013
a fun movie with great britpop indie soundtrack.
½ March 2, 2013
interesting and funny...
February 23, 2013
Great film about Neil McCormack who started a band from the same school and at the same time as U2 and got rather pissed at U2 hitting the big time. Only issue was the lack of likeness to actual characters
January 20, 2013
The McCormick brothers have it all planned out with their budding rock band, sell out tours, million selling albums & hot sex with any woman they want. Unfortunately their friends band have the same dream & those friends turn out to be Paul Hewson & David Evans better known as Bono & The Edge. U2 go on to be one of the biggest bands of the 80's while Neil & Ivan McCormick struggle to tie up a record deal & launch their music career.
This has a feel more of a drama series you'd find on E4 every Thursday night rather than a film. Thankfully that doesn't stop this film being very funny, not laugh out loud funny, and thoroughly entertaining.
½ January 20, 2013
Savoureux. A voir et à revoir.
January 9, 2013
Apesar das críticas ruins eu achei legalzinho. Não ofende ver, (C) divertido.
January 5, 2013
This is an entertaining and harmless movie with a poorly chosen title. The movie chronicles the misadventures of two musical brothers that grow up in Ireland alongside the boys that would become U2. As their friends in U2 enjoy a meteoric rise to stardom the brothers struggle to get their musical careers off the ground, mainly because one of the brothers refuses to accept any help from their more famous friends.
December 31, 2012
It all looked a bit cheap and made for TV.
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