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September 3, 2016
I worked on KING FRAT (1979) as a production assistant for 5 weeks, at $250.00 a week, good money in 1979. I also appear in the opening credits, mooning people, bathtub scene, and "menacingly wielding baseball bats" in "Frat Initiation" scene. This was the first film I worked on, it was a lot of fun. Before KING FRAT, I was a Corporal in the US Marines. After KING FRAT, I earned a BA in film production at Temple University. Then a 22 year career as a Thoroughbred racehorse Trainer, and for the last 20 years, have been a cop. I look back on KING FRAT as a fun "lark" in my youth.
August 15, 2014
If you found ANIMAL HOUSE a bit too high-brow for your tastes, strap in for some truly cartoonishly over the top sophomoric moments in this one, but it 'does what it says on the tin' as the saying goes, so I kinda knew what I was in for when I pressed play on the DVD.

½ July 5, 2013
One of the first films, that I saw on video back in the early 80's.

Couldn't really remember much of it, so I watched it again. Can't believe what a poor poor film this actually is! I would of loved to give this a glowing review. But it wasn't meant to be.
½ October 16, 2012
the movie has a fart competition in... A+++
½ September 9, 2012
At the Yellowstream University, there is a strong rivalry between two of the college fraternities. When they are not mooning everyone they pass and throwing garbage on the lawns of rival frats, the members of the Pi Kappa Delta fraternity are mainly interested in drinking and... well, drinking. When a campus- wide farting contest is announced, J.J. 'Gross-Out' Gumbroski (John Distanti), one of the Deltas, is all too eager to stand up, bend over and defend the honor of his fraternity and win the prize money.

I saw "King Frat" in the early 80s and it is a shameless rip off of "Animal House" which came out a year earlier. John Disantis character Gross-Out is of course an extremely bleak Bluto Blutarsky rip off. And one can find so many other things in "King Frat" that points in the direction of "Animal House", and the former is hardly close to the greatness of the latter. But, in some weird way I did slightly enjoy reseeing the idiocy of the Pi Kappa Deltas. Catchy title song as well.
November 13, 2011
Amazingly inept for a frat comedy. You'd think the jokes would write themselves, but this movie proves that this just isn't the case. I laughed exactly once during the whole movie.
½ January 11, 2011
This film was a bit tricky to review, mainly because it was a staple film of my childhood. I grew up watching, memorising and repeating this film to friends and family over and over. It's a testament of the films quality, namely because it was largely unheard of in the shadow of Animal House. So lets pull no punches on this one.

King Frat is a great film.

Now, when I say great, it isn't amazing. It isn't on the echelon of Avatar or Sin City or any film that has a rucksack full of golden baldie trophies. What is is, pure and simple, is a comedy set in a frat house (ala the name) and it contains some of the most desperate toilet humour known to man. So much so, I believe the film was banned in some countries at one point.

But I digress, what makes King Frat so funny and hilarious and quotable is the antics of the characters. Any grown men who enjoy going to Chinese kitchens and puking in the soup, or participating in National Fart Contests, or even throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if its cooked ("thats ready") can obviously only be found in a frat house. It's the way they go about it that is so funny. After a while the film becomes dependant on this one trick pony, but for all its worth, boy does it wring it.

I would have rated this film higher if by the hour mark the film takes a weird turn down serious/weird territory. True the gags are hilarious, but they start to wane once they leave the comfort of the frat house. Once a guy dressed as a Gorilla gets his penis stuck in a topless cheerleader due to a bumpy ambulance ride (I shit you not) you wonder how the film can possibly become more absurd. That's just it, it cannot and the final third droops like the proverbial penis because of it.

So a great film, but mainly in the aura of quotable gags and one liners. If you don't come away from this film with at least one line to repeat to your friends ("here's your rations Chief") then you haven't got the jist of the film itself. If this isn't your cup of tea, then Animal House may be safer territory... but trust me, this has to be seen to be believed.
½ February 19, 2010
This is a very funny movie !! Even though it's older its still good , a classic . Its along the same lines as Animal House . The farting contest is a little sick but funny at the same time . And I laughed my " ass " off towards the beginning of the movie when they drive around mooning everyone .
January 8, 2009
Tänk er Delta gänget + fisar då har ni den här filmen.Killen som spelar huvudrollen ska vara 21 men är defentivt 43.
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