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February 19, 2018
Not as violent as the The Godfather but surprisingly good.
May 13, 2015
awesome pic and Eric Robert's film debut
June 28, 2012
The sequence of the movie is so lame, the book is much better.
Super Reviewer
½ January 6, 2011
An all-star cast for a boring drama, which fails to bring an interesting subject to life. This movie could have been good, I could tell, but something was holding it back, I'm not sure what, maybe it was the director?
October 7, 2010
This movie from the 70s has a hodgepodge cast that surprisingly works well. Eric Roberts, Sterling Haden, Susan Sarandon, Shellie Winters, Annie Potts and great performance by Judd Hirsch. When a young gypsy's grandfather wants him to take over as King of the gypsies instead of his father, but he (Roberts) wants no part of gypsy life, he plans to leave until he comes back for his little sister, played by Brooke Shields. Wonderful costumes and soundtrack, fun to watch, in part for the 70s kitchy sort of way this comes across.
½ June 15, 2010
Intriguing movie about modern-day gypsies suffers from an overly conventional plot that's reminiscent of The Godfather. The main showcase is Eric Roberts, who made his film debut as the next King of the gypsies. Worth a look.
August 21, 2009
still amazing movie with all star cast
June 27, 2009
this is our all time fav childhood movie...we used to watch it with our Father all the time along with Angelo my love...our Fathers copies have gone missing...

Fantastic movie...closed to home and the heart...
August 24, 2008
After a slow first hour, the film begins to get interesting. The structure feels as though it stops and starts throughout, with several dead end plot points or unresolved plants. The acting by all principals was decent, most notably Judd Hirsch's portrayal of the ruthless, immoral Gypsy father.
½ June 30, 2007
Who remembers this. I loved it.
December 11, 2006
i would like to see this
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