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June 12, 2017
Kingdom of Heaven is an epic film written by William Monahan, it was released in 2005. This movie is about a gentleman named Godfrey of Ibelin who is recognized by the king of Jerusalem and committed to the maintenance of peace in the Holy Land, undertakes the search for his illegitimate son, Balian, a young French blacksmith who mourns the loss of his Woman and her son.

Balian yields to his pain and joins Godfrey in his sacred mission. After the death of his father, he inherited his land and title in Jerusalem, a city where Christians, Muslims and Jews have managed to achieve peaceful coexistence during the truce between the second and third Crusades.

In my opinion, It is very interesting because with an unshakable integrity and under a noble oath, Balian is in a new land, serving a king condemned and attracted by his sister, Princess Sibylla. There in Jerusalem he will become the most heroic and honorable of knights and will have to protect his people from oppressive forces.
June 12, 2017
It is an interesting film but with a development a little slow that shows a protagonist with many internal conflicts which will forge much more its character as the story progresses that despite being it has a development a little slow also has forced scenes that make The important parts are not seen as such, the film has a cast of very good actors and an excellent work in the costumes, props, set design and special effects with which they transported us to the old Jerusalem in the time of the crossed knights and Show us a very realistic battle. In short, it is not a good or bad film but it is advisable to watch it to spend the time
June 12, 2017
In my opinion about the film 'The Kingdom of Heaven' is about an epic story with scenes from many bloody medieval battles with a bit of 19th century romance, and these are related to discourses on modern day.
In this story a young blacksmith French and his life to be a gentleman, after the death of his family and by the destiny of life is going to the Holy Land, in addition the young man becomes leader and commanded the defenses of the City Santa to defend the city against the very superior enemy forces in number, and this young man is part of the Crusades of the Christians to fight against the Muslims.
In addition to the Rivalries, love, hatred, struggles for power and land, in this film the most relevant is the reflection on the Christian faith.
The moral of the story, is that religious tolerance is a good thing and that we should do more for it.
June 12, 2017
Personally I think that this film has two very important aspects, the first is the historical point of view, due to the fact that past and real events of the ancient Holy Land are related, and from the point of view that leaves a very special message for The viewers who is "fight to the end".

If we take into account the history of the film, it is said that they were made real, of course in the film is exaggerated a little to catch the attention of film fans, and of course many valuable details have been changed, Protagonist among other points. The wars that are presented in the filming are very shocking because it has scenes very cold and somewhat impossible, however, it is what distracts the spectator are the battles.

It should be emphasized that he leaves several messages that can help people in their daily lives, seeing so many soldiers fighting and defending their land or their beliefs, is worthy of recognition. Most times life is very difficult and complicated, at some point we have to make very difficult decisions, but it is important to remember what our value and ethics. And always be true to our decisions.
½ June 12, 2017
Kingdom of haven is a very fantastic movie. That relates a turbulent time, which was in the second and third Crusade. This movie was directed by Ridley Scott and it has great actors such as the handsome Orland Bloom, who plays to Balian. Also we can see to Lian Neeson, he is the Balian`s father.
This film is a one of best that I have seen, because it counts the history of a widower blacksmith, who meets to his father. Bailian`s father is the owner of those lands. For the sake of live, father and son star a trip, but his father dies due to an ambush. Balian takes the place of is father. When he comes to Holy Land, he falls in love with Sybhylla, who is married with Guy Lusignan. Balian must figth with a lot of his enemies because he must defend his kingdom.
Balian and his warriors seem to fall in the defeat, but they overcome the obstacles and they get the victory.
June 12, 2017
the movie is about how the religion was a life style, more than a belief. Is very interestig how the movie shows the crusaders' services for the king, and how the fact to be from another countrie converts you in a bad person or in a slave. the poberty rules the hills and the richest people were the kings and their knights. they thougt the priests were something like a king but they didn't have power under the nation. Pope were the powerfull person and their servants had to gave their lifes for him.all the nations were divides by the religion christians or muslim and if invade another countri you could be murder and nobody can say o do something. And you could be the change, if you were a king's son you coul had the power to do something positive in the life of the people.
June 12, 2017
It is a very interesting film. I enjoyed dialogue, plot and action, as it deals with heroes, both Christian and Muslim, who are men of honor. A spectacular battle scene involves the attack of Saladin forces in Jerusalem controlled by The Christians, and it is one of those spectacular pieces with giant balls of fire that rush through the air and land nearby.
June 12, 2017
My opinion about the film Kingdom of Heaven of Epic Genre produced by Ridley Scott. ; It is great and very interesting that keeps the viewer entertained every minute of the film is also important to mention the excellent historical setting, spectacular action scenes and a great sense of the epic. This production deals with themes about revenge, deaths dominate the power and this is reflected in that in film Kingdom of heaven there is no emotional connection with the viewer, it is a film totally cold and distant.
June 12, 2017
The film Kingdom of Heaven is interesting because of the way it approaches religion, being a means of criticism of the official clerical estates and the way in which it shows how wars were produced, and because of what. In addition, it is a clear example of the extremism that could become the religion and how the different Crusades were realized, considering that their only means of transport were the horses and the long trips that they had to realize passing through deserts. In my opinion it is a good movie because it allows us to know a little history of the twelfth century in a different and more entertaining way. Also the interpretation that performs each actor of his respective personage is to congratulate, since they do it in an excellent way, allowing to understand what they lived there.
June 12, 2017
Kingdom of Heaven is a beautifully designed tale of a blacksmith who takes on the crusade in hopes of finding forgiveness from God. Balian and his people withstand the might of Saladin's fiery projectiles, The violence is bloody and the action is as it should be.This film shows the tenacity and ability of people to deal with problems, shows the courage and determination of Balian in the war against Saladin in Jerusalem. I recommend watching this movie because it takes you to a different time, and the story is very good, it makes you want to see it again.
June 6, 2017
Master piece that many cinema novice fail to grasp due to underlying "personal" issues with Orlando Bloom.
½ May 20, 2017
It ist pretty weird, why especially critics didn't get this movie. Maybe it's because, they've expected from Sir Ridley Scott something like a new Gladiator. Maybe it's because they've recently watched movies like Troy, The Last Samurai, Pirates of the Carribbean, Star Wars III or (of course) The Lord of the Rings. Just one year before Kingdom came out, it was Oliver Stone's Alexander and maybe that was the picture bringing critics to the point of satiety in terms of the (by Scott) revisited genre of historical epic drama film. So maybe Kingdom of Heaven made it's way on the big screen just at the wrong time. But it wouldn't have been the right time, if Ridley had done Kingdom instead of Gladiator in the year 2000. Gladiator is a tight historical action thriller. (With the Extended Cut it becomes an essay on modern day entertainment culture) But what is Kingdom of Heaven? To me, it is kind of the last »Big Budget Arthouse Film« (The Director's Cut respectivley) It has a slow pacing until the Action Sequences, wich is one of Scott's trademarks in his early work. It's protagonist is an introvert guy struggling with his faith. And it has such a beautiful length like the historical epics of the 50s and 60s. At last but not least, it has a lot of scenes with quite few dialogue. Well, that's definetly no blockbuster stuff! Imagine a director today would pitch a big-budget period piece, 3 hours long, with a lamenting philosopher hero as the protagonist, dealing with complex political issues. And keep in mind, it ought combat all the marvel stuff of the present day. No studio would greenlight a piece like this. So even back in 2005, right before the financial crisis put it's fingerprint on the film industry, it was truly a miracle, that this movie was managed to be made. Thank God for this! And thank Ridley!!! Kingdom of Heaven may lack in the dramatic structure, but other masterpieces of cinema do so as well. Look at 2001: A Space Odyssey. Look at Stalker. Look at Apocalypse Now. Their narratives are fragmented, or even non-narratives. And for those reasons, they were box office dissapointments when they first came out. But it is not only the dramatic structure, that defines a masterpiece. And in terms of Kingdom of Heaven, there is one quality in particular, that's commonly called »cinematic storytelling« In this movie you can see a very accurate relation between the images and the story they tell. I don't want to analyze the whole picture right here, you'd need to write a book to do so. But if you watch carefully, you'll notice, that the environment of the setting is always a reflection of the protagonist's inner dispositon. Just one example: At the beginning we're in a snowy France: A mirror to Balian's inner state, because his faith has frozen after the passing of his wife. Then he comes to the holy land in search of salvation. But he finds himself not in a paradise-like country, but in a wasteland, a desert, where people are not fighting for faith, but for power. The desert reflects his disillusionment. But then, when he's in Ibelin, the desert thrives and becomes green, thanks to Balian's deeds. And like the desert, Balian's spirituality thrives again, but not because he's find his way back into faith. He finds the path of humanity. And when he finally returns home, the winter has passed and the spring bursts into bloom again. So what is Kingdom of Heaven? It is old-fashioned storytelling in the best sense. It is David Lean, it is Kurosawa, with a bit of Terrence Malick and some Andrej Tarkovsky. One can only hope, that it will recieve it's place among the great pieces of cinema, when some time has passed. And if not, it remains in our heart as Ridley Scott's lost masterpiece!
May 14, 2017
Some movies get better over time. Everyone I know scoffs with bewilderment when I say this is my favorite film of all time. At its core is a blacksmith who goes on crusade because he believes he's committed an unforgivable sin. Along the way you see how pervasive and twisted Medieval notions of religion arecompared to modern sensibilities based on the number of times and ways in which the will of God is invoked by crusaders and Muslims alike. Set in between the 2nd and 3rd crusades there exists an uneasy peace between the Christian king of Jerusalem and the Muslim sultan Saladin. Those who are students of the history of this time period would note correct points of historical accuracy (easter eggs) in that Saladin did reconquer Jerusalem, Balian was the defender fighting for safe passage of its inhabitants, there was a leper king, and there is even a cameo by Richard the Lionheart. The villain of the film Guy de Lusignan is played brilliantly by Marton Csokas. Although a member of the Christian knights templar, he's identified early on by the disdain of Balian's father Godfrey played by Liam Neeson. Their brief exchange culminates with a medieval your mama joke. Guy and Reynald are not the bad guys of the film only due to Godfrey and Balian's personal dislike nor is it solely in that they are subverting the will of the king. It's in their worldview of the crusades that there must be war between Christian and Muslims, and they are willing to raid caravans and kill innocents to force the issue. The turning point in the film is the refusal of Balian in Baldwin and Tiberius's plan, because it would amount to murder. Even if the person deserves it and life would be better for everyone if Balian goes along, his whole reason for taking the crusade was to find redemption. Every one of the rest us would have taken the king's offer, but without it you wouldn't have the setup for the film's final and most blood-drenched act. Instead of trying convince people of how perfect this film, over the years I've come to the conclusion that it's not for everybody. But if this sort of thing does interest you I think you'll end up loving this film more than the passing summer blockbuster that you'll enjoy but soon forget. My advice is not to start with the director's cut but the theatrical version. The extra layers of the story are fine for fanatics but not necessary to form your initial opinion.
½ April 23, 2017
The Director's Cut only. Far superior in character and breadth. Ridley Scott at his height.
½ April 1, 2017
Openly racist movie: the gentle Christians, the wicked Muslim to whom the white gentle learns how to dig a well ...
March 29, 2017
I have come back to watch this film several times since it's released for many reasons. One of which is my constant question on Bloom. It's takin a while but I've concluded that with the dialogue, progression and what's happened to him his depiction is actually portrayed well. Here's why. He is a man who has lost everything and progressively coming into his own as a man. People are telling him there opinions and he is learning, taking things in and understanding so that he is no longer reactive (killing his brother in the beginning although he deserved it) but pensive, introspective and quiet. In act 3 you can see his faith and confidence in who he is becoming is apparent and believable. The film puts a lot of pressure on him to act without saying anything and some actors are inherently amazing at portraying that like Tom Hardy, Gosling or DiCaprio. However those actors all were perceived as talented and are established before taking on there first leading 100 mil drama films and notions were that they are talented because they had done enough to prove it. With Bloom he hasn't done any films that require him to truly act and gain the respect so when I first saw him my notion was oh he sucks but if u take into account the way he slowly and progressively portrays himself you will see the qualities I'm talking about. End of the day he's just a little above average but the director cut of this film is not just visually beautiful, it has the ability to sink in and appreciate if you can get past some of its pre conceived character short comings. I loved the film and I knew that the Bloom casting was bugging me but couldn't put my finger on it until I allowed my self to look at it from another perspective.
March 28, 2017
The Director's Cut adds essential material to Scott's thoughtful, pensive, and technically masterful medieval epic.
½ March 27, 2017
DIRECTOR'S CUT: A well told story of redemption in a harrowing epic. (Go see the Director's Cut; it's more fleshed out and is a near, epic masterpiece.)
March 3, 2017
A fictionalized historical narrative of the real Balian of Ibelin, this film follows the son of Godfrey from his humble beginnings in medieval Europe into the desert wastes of the Holy Land. It bears witness to the political corruption and intrigues which ultimately destroyed the Latin Kingdom, and provides an account of the loss of Jerusalem to Saladin and Islam in 1185.
½ January 22, 2017
7/10 - A great movie although not historically correct but as a movie it was a good watch.
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