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January 31, 2013
An average movie that tries its hand at comedy and impresses many a time but the story is pretty bland,Mallika is pathetic.
Definitely watch out for "Captaan Sahab". Simply brilliant,the comedy done by him is "out of the world"..Damn awesome,the only reason it gets 3 stars and not half a star!
November 11, 2012
Day: Monday
Date: 15 Oct 2012
Time: 10.00 pm
With: No One
On: Laptop
November 4, 2012
A north indian society that lives in a split - educated, political, affluent etc. The reason why KLPD is a definite watch is not because it has a great story line but how it manages to entertain by mocking at these minute cultural nuances. The movie boasts of good editing and characterization with funny dialogue scripting. The group of Haryanvi small time thugs are the highlight and Ashutosh Rana shows yet again why Indian cinema needs to create roles for this legend. Even though I am not a fan of Mr. Oberoi, but he did a brilliant job of catching the local Delhi (read tapori delhi) accent. If you are not easily offended by crude dialogues you will definitely enjoy the funny side of how casually Delhi'hites tend to use these words on a daily basis. The salient morale that movie tries to send is that its not the people to blame for the insecurity in Delhi but the Leaders who have failed to create opportunities for its citizens in cities other than Metro's. A good entertainer that I'd watch on a Sunday eve... I'd rate it 6.5... Enjoy this scene:
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