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Sterilox, asexual ambassador from a distant planet, comes down to earth in search of feminine breeding stock. A mad scientist treats the alien to dancing sex robots.
Classics , Comedy , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Not so much a movie as a series of burlesque routines interspersed with cheezy attempts at humor. Looks like it was shot for about $1.50, and it's funny to realize that the women who strip and pose here are likely somebody's grandmother now. "Grandma... is that YOU?" What you're getting here is pretty much early 1960's T-n-A (and lots of it); this is what your father or grandfather found... ummm... stimulating, porn for the "Madmen" era. It doesn't hold up well. What's really strange, if you have an eye for detail, is that all the women who appear in this skin flick are apparently wearing the same pair of underwear. Hygiene was different then, I guess. The story -- what there is of it -- is that an alien from the planet Drupiter (droo-peter) in the Buttless Galaxy (no, really) appears in the laboratory of Dr. Breedlove (a bad parody of Dr. Strangelove in whiteface with mascara lines drawn randomly) to take back the "perfect specimen" of an earth woman to his sexless world. The alien, named Sterilox, does a very good impression of Stan Laurel and wears a worklight dome on his head. Lots and lots of misogyny here; the "ideal specimen" of an earth woman is totally subservient to a man, spends her time cooking and cleaning and, of course, shaking her boobs with great vigor. Definitely not one for feminists. A terrible and practically meritless exploitation flick, probably best watched with the sound turned off. Get set for a different standard of beauty, a ton of eyeliner, and enough hairspray to punch holes in the ozone layers of five earths. Probably most valuable as an anthropological study of changing attitudes toward women and eroticism... yeah, let's go with that.

Brian Seitzman
Brian Seitzman

A really corny 'nudie cutie', it's an amusing snapshot of what passed for stroke material at the time but the kitsch factor aside, there's not a lot to really recommend this unless you just like to see a few boobs from women who are now older than your grandmother, or possibly dead. You know if you're into this or not, so give it a look pervo.

Bill Bryant
Bill Bryant

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