Kiss Me Kate Reviews

November 5, 2019
Cole Porter's Broadway musical (via Shakespeare) has been toned down for the screen, but the songs are as wonderful as ever.
February 14, 2008
A mostly zippy showbiz paean.
September 26, 2006
A little weak in acting at first, but warms up nicely. Quite entertaining. And even more welcoming in 3D.
November 24, 2004
October 31, 2004
The theatrical antics are a bit forced and the musical numbers aren't the best in the history of musical cinema, but this still stands as an 'important' film of its era, albeit a minor and relatively forgettable one.
July 20, 2003
One of the all-time best movie musicals, with Fosse choreography and Porter's vunderbar music.
August 30, 2002
A fun musical with tuneful Cole Porter songs and a fun script.
April 17, 2001
A treat, on no account to be missed.
January 1, 2000
Thanks to the genius of George Sidney at the helm, there's never a dull moment nor a single instance of a song or dance simply shoehorned in with no bearing on the story. So brush up your Porter if you must have a background before seeing this, and go!
January 1, 2000
The picture's brio is quaint and disarming, for the most part getting its laughs when it needs them.