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July 3, 2016
Interesting take on Vampire love. Don't worry there's no glitter. A bit slow paced.
½ April 10, 2016
Wonderfully directed, poorly written and acted. 2 or 3 scenes are worth the whole movie though.
February 14, 2016
at once sexy, then creepy, with a different take on vampirism, this film surprisingly kept my interest the whole time....
January 17, 2016
really good despite the lame title
January 15, 2016
This movie was very different from "Twilight", in the fact that it was more edgy and had depth. Unlike other vampire movies this one left an impression
January 5, 2016
Very nice movie, I liked it a lot especially the part when the antagonist got into an accident and the care taker looked down on her very simple and memorable.
October 17, 2015
Pure trash. Not even so bad it's good material. Crap
½ July 19, 2015
Kiss of the damned is an erotic 70's horror tribute that manages to keep the viewer glued to the screen despite some silliness.
April 8, 2015
I know some of us are already sick of vampires, but Kiss of the Damned is a gorgeous, kinky homage to 70s Italian horror movies. Flawed, for sure, but sexy, atmospheric, and fun.
November 3, 2014
The film's so pretty, but the script is so awful, and the characters are irritating and wooden
½ August 22, 2014
"Kiss Of The Damned" is a modern Gothic vampire tale that melds elements of classic romance with dramatic thriller edginess. The film is directed by Xan Cassavetes and stars Milo Ventimiglia, Joséphine de La Baume, Roxane Mesquida . In the movie Djuna falls in love with a young man Paolo whom she tries to resist. Her desire and connection to the suitor overtakes her convictions and she begins a relationship with the man. Soon he becomes her companion in the world of night and vampirism. By no means is this a horror film. "Kiss Of The Damned" is more of an Erotic Thriller than it is anything else. Keep that in mind when watching this film if you are expecting a "True Blood" high intensity or gore level because you will be disappointed. That being said, I really enjoyed the movie. Let me explain...

"Kiss Of The Damned" carries us back to the golden age of vampire tales when we held a romantic and dark desire for the creature of the night. This film is what I would imagine reading one of those supernatural themed Harlequin-eque romance novels would be like. The director explored the more passionate side of daily life and love affair between a vulnerable but strong woman and a man desperate to love her in every way. It was down right Gothic and sweet. The film didn't bother getting too graphic or soft-core with the heightened sexuality of the relationships depicted in the movie but it was adult enough to be sheer supernatural eye candy. This movie is a great date movie for that vampire loving partner or person you want to kick it with. The story was compelling in true dramatic style that expresses the lives we expect vampires to enjoy. Just note that this is not a "horror" movie nor do I believe the director ever intended it to be one.

"Kiss Of The Vampire" is a film that flows more as an emotional heart- song with moments that rise to melodrama before sliding darkly down into melancholy. There is plenty of blood soaked sequences that express the true nature and conflict that lives within the vampire but it does not push the themes to the level of grindhouse or exploitation. The movie will not be for everyone and if you enter the tale looking for high octane exuberance, of ravenous creatures as monsters, with bodies writhing in guts and gore- then you will not be satisfied. However if you remember the classic view of the more romantic creature of more Gothic tales of the vampire then this movie gives you the heat, passion and- yes -the bloodstains as well.
½ July 20, 2014
The story isn't bad, but the average sound design and distracting scene cuts don't help drive.
June 23, 2014
third time writing this rteview fu flixter get ur shit together
June 11, 2014
Do you remember back to a time when vampire movies were slick and sexy? Full of romance and gorgeous imagery? Kiss of the Damned harks back to that kind of vampire film, taking huge inspiration from the whole horror movement of the 60's and 70's and bundling it into a modern day beauty. Djuno is a gorgeous vampire, living in a stunning mansion outside of town, one night she encounters a screenwriter Paolo and love soon blossoms. Djuno can barely keep her secret from him for very long and in time she transforms him in order to gain ever lasting love. However when Djuno's sister Mimi comes to stay, her dangerous and sadistic ways put the trios situation up in the air. This is without a doubt the most visually stunning and sexy vampire film I have seen in a long time, in fact were it not for Let The Right One In, this would be without a doubt the best effort since Thirst. The Cinematography is beyond glorious, this film is full of well placed out tracking shots, gloriously lit locations, dirty shots that will blow your mind and in a nutshell a good collection of dynamic and haunting visuals. The locations themselves are perfect, ranging from gorgeous hillside views to warmly lit apartments. Its a modern day vampire flick dealt with in all the right ways. The music works extremely well with the picture, having a half a modern day theme and half harking back to the age i spoke of earlier. The make up and vampire effects are stunning, subtle and sexy, yet full of threat and obscurity. I also cant possibly tell you how good it is to see real gore in a movie like this as well, so often now a days that CGI blood has ruined films for me, its amazing to finally witness the old school way, in an up to day fashion. The story is brilliant as well, with tones of varying themes from vampires who refuse to feed on humans to relationships, obsession, power and lust. The film even finds a glorious spot between erotic and romantic which not only pays homage to the erotic horror movies of the 70's but keeps it tasteful and actually sexy. Its welcome, vampire films these days are to often about glitz and glamour and our romantic predators have been turned into a shadow of their former self. There are however a few minor set backs, which stop this from being an outright master piece. The actors, although well cast and actually pretty decent struggle with some of the dialogue. This is the films biggest flaw, sometimes it knows that its best moments are when very little is said and minimal dialogue is exchanged, however too often do scenes occur where you can tell the script writer and actors seem forced into the english language other than their native tongue. Michael Rapaport does well as a cocaine guzzling agent but has very little screen time that were left missing him. Despite the vocabular hiccups the three leads Josephine, Milo and Roxanne all do decent jobs with their characters and move the piece along nicely. However its over just a bit too early. It spends a lot of time building the events of this movie up, only to fire through its thirds act in fifteen to twenty minutes, including credits. Its a shame because at the start of the last act, the character of Mimi really starts to become more sadistic and i almost wish i could have witnessed more damage done by here. All in all, this is a glorious shock of a film, it has everything that fans of the old school vampire movie will enjoy and its a cinematic joy to watch. Let down only by some ropey dialogue and an uneasy ending.
June 8, 2014
Had it on my wish list but was very disappointed and turned it off after 40 minutes. There was no character building, it just jumped straight into a a story which was impossible to believe. When Paolo found out about vampires he didn't even seem surprised about it, he accepted it without question. Plot was unbelievable but contained some really steamy scenes which pushed some boundaries. Characters were great looking but had no depth and there was some great 70's style gore scenes. I wouldn't watch the rest of it. There was just no real plot.
April 18, 2014
Picturesque. Perfectly balances camp with homage, oh so Queer on so many levels. Film makers aplenty out there could listen and learn how to produce a soundtrack that complements action instead of intruding on it. I loved it.
March 24, 2014
This Movie Was Gross And Stupid, If U People LOVE Porn Then Go Watch It, For Me I Hate Porn
½ March 8, 2014
sexy as fuck, great score and a nice
touch of Euro sleaze, my kind of vampire movie.
February 25, 2014
Why 5 stars? Easy... This was like a modern Hammer Film, and I'm a die-hard fan of all that is/was Hammer!

It has great music, too!
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