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April 10, 2011
A disappointing follow-up to Jet Li's Romeo Must Die.
December 24, 2010
Jet Li film is not for kids.
July 14, 2007
January 15, 2005
We are coaxed to rejoice in the name of vengeance.
May 20, 2003
March 20, 2003
Poor Jet Li . . . he doesn't have the comedic timing of Jackie Chan, the looks or charm of Chow Yun Fat, and he certainly isn't the second coming of Bruce Lee.
March 14, 2003
December 23, 2002
September 10, 2002
While Kiss of the Dragon remains a relatively fun little brain-dead punch-em-out worth a rental, it's forgettable at best.
January 11, 2002
...has no other claims to fame than its filling up ninety-eight minutes of screen time with plenty of Jet Li and a pile of kicking, punching, and shooting.
November 25, 2001
July 27, 2001
July 16, 2001
Flounders in desperately overwrought dialogue and one of the most incomprehensible plots since 2000's 'Battlefield Earth.'
July 16, 2001
This movie needed something to give it a fresh spin.
July 12, 2001
Even with three people working on the script ... they were unable to come up with a plot.
July 8, 2001
It's undeniably cool to see these displays, but it's also disheartening, because they come in the midst of such a shambles of a narrative.
July 6, 2001
Pass this one by.
July 6, 2001
One of the all-out worst films of the year.
July 6, 2001
The characters in Kiss of the Dragon are more cardboard than usual for an action movie.
July 6, 2001
Kiss of the Dragon offers just about a kill a minute, but less than a thrill a minute.
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