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September 13, 2015
Makes a comedy out of having the first woman president. It was interesting, but ultimately weak.
½ July 6, 2014
Comedy with the unbelievable premiss that, believe it or not, a WOMAN is elected president! Okay, just kidding, but this film does treat the notion with the expected 1960s sexism, focusing the film less about Polly Bergan's presidency and instead makes the film about her husband, Fred MacMurray, having a hard time finding himself in "woman's role" as the first lady/gentleman. Besides sexism, there's also a healthy dose of racist comedy, with Eli Wallach playing a Latin American dictator. There are some entertaining screwball bits in the film, but it's hard for this to overcome the the more offensive elements of the film, along with the "serious" plot lines involving childrearing and MacMurray and an old girlfriend of the Bergan. Most offensive is the ending of the film, where (SPOILER) Bergan announces that she's pregnant and then resigns as president.
September 4, 2011
Excuse me!! Why have I seen the boom in at least 2 scenes... That is sooooooo unprofessional...
January 11, 2009
Not too bad for an oldie moldy. :)
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